The Hellhammer is a super-heavy tank of the Astra Militarum that is a variant of the infamous Baneblade tank. The Hellhammer replaces the rocket-assisted. Hello guys it’s me again. I just bought a baneblade to add to my guard army and I am having trouble finding out which book has the most. However, when trying to plunder a HellHammer Cannon the pirates have SPECIAL RULES: Hell-hammer: Hell-Hammer Cannons have the.

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Retrieved from ” https: Do you aspire to sell as many records as some of those acts? The Fortress is a sweet-ass black and gold plated Baneblade with unique decals and armaments. The rukes detonation creates a powerful shockwave much larger than the shell’s explosion, which will impede the progress of any unit caught within it.

Tell ’em about your book.

Gabe Dakka Veteran Plano, Texas. However, like all super-heavy tanks based on the Baneblade chassis, it suffers from poor top speed and maneuverability, and the Quake Cannon’s fixed setting requires the Banesword to be bodily aimed at its intended target. We all have good taste in music and we hellhakmer have good judgment, so it we think something is good, people should like it [laughs].

Metal fans aren’t exactly quick to accept a band’s decision to change. Lastly, the one that’s an overgrown flamer template is the Hellstorm template. The track is broken and the sponson turret has a beef with the driver. I don’t forsee it happening, though. Some Hellhammers will replace the side sponsons with extra armour or even add two additional side sponsons, nellhammer armed with a Lascannon and twin-linked Heavy Flamers.

How is the Hellhammer different than the Baneblade? – Forum – DakkaDakka

All of them can take either one or two pairs of sponsons, each equipped with a Lascannon and either two Heavy Hellhammee or two Heavy Flamers. Like its parent tank and all its variants, the Hellhammer suffers from poor top speed and manoeuvrability. There was nothing going on for us. Retrieved from ” http: And I find all those genres to be very limiting in and of themselves.


Hellhammer (Tank) | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

All that said, if you’re just trying to tell a fun story or play out a cool scenario, more power to you. Well that’s left to the ear of the beholder. It’s supposed to be the City Fight Baneblade. Though the naming conventions may have an in-fluff excuse for their complexity, because apparently since Baneblade and Shadowsword tanks are hrllhammer such high demand that unscrupulous Forgeworlds without the correct know-how to build them would bodge together a variant “counterfeit” tank and hand them off to unsuspecting Imperial Guard regiments, who are none the wiser when they get “Baneswords” or “Stormblades” instead of what they actually asked for.

I am definatly going to have to VDR this inferno cannon version. We could tour everyone else in the US, but not there.

The Doomhammer was first designed as a field conversion of a Banehammer tank during the year-long siege of the Renegade Forge World of Odana. DO NOT post point values for weapons and upgrades in your army lists, only the total point value of the unit.

The main cannon should have been able to use the apocalypse super flamer template as a super inferno cannon, and the rest of the sponsons become twin linked inferno cannons reroll failed wounds.

This is more directed at those who have seen the Apocalypse book which i assume has the statsbut is it’s role? Retrieved from ” http: When did you realize something was actually starting to happen in Seattle?

When configured for urban assault, it swaps two twin-linked Heavy Bolters for Heavy Flamersallowing the Hellhammer to flush out infantry from fortifications too flimsy to warrant a shot from the main gun.


How is the Hellhammer different than the Baneblade? It is by tea alone I set my mind in motion. I don’t believe him and would like a picture or trusted reference to the actual blast template used.

Needless to say these “unsanctioned” modifications got the Mechanicum’s collective jimmies rustled up. I like lots of heavy metal. This time, Quad-Cannons for quadruple the fun!

We’re doing a record with Jello Biafra. Join us by filling out a tiny 3 field form and you will get your own, free, dakka user account which gives a good range of benefits to you: Industrial Insanity – My Terrain Blog. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.


And any sense of friendship you may have had with your opponent. The Baneblade starts to deteriorate at half wounds, losing three of its 10″ movement, its BS goes down by one and it loses 3 attacks. The Stormblade offers more flexibility in loadout, and having 6 sponsons that can be individually customized for any situation allows it to engage even more targets compared to the Baneblade.

This option can only be taken on the GW plastic kit, as the old Forge World models were shorter, sillier-looking, and had no place for them. Submit a new link. Additionally, the Quake Cannon is inefficient against enemy Titansfor unlike the Lance beam from a Volcano Cannon, or the massive plasma burst from a Plasma Blastgun, the massive shell will be stopped by any remaining Void Shield, requiring the target’s shields to be taken down before the shot is taken with any hope of success.

Because of its massive array of weapons charging one is a very bad idea: