John Pagano Fifty years ago there was no psoriasis cure. Fast forward to today – there is still none. Orthodox psoriasis treatments are designed merely to. In , chiropractor John O.A. Pagano published “Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative,” a Talk to your doctor or dermatologist before starting the plan. This book outlines Dr. Pagano’s natural, drug-free treatment regimen that can alleviate, control, and even heal psoriasis without steroid creams.

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Are you talking about the group- Psoriasis self management — on Facebook? Hi Ashish, This is Neha. For along time l dont eat any karbh. I am a lil sceptical about the supplements suggested in the book.

Give it several months and it will go away. Er Vaporub on nails — Check it here- http: These bacteria feed on sweets and refined starch. Hence, psoriasis healing is always an Inside-Out treatment involving: Hi Rahul, colon cleansing is a way of intense body detox. When it first started off on my scalp I did not know it was psoriasis.

I will keep updating as time passes. Let the holistic healing bring results by its jjohn.

Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative by John O.A. Pagano

Use natural alternatives like virgin coconut oilaloe vera, neem, black cumin seed oil instead. What’s the best treatment for psoriatic arthritis?

Hi Sandeep, you are right that whole grains should be consumed in limited during treatment regimen, mainly for two reasons- they are source of gluten gluten is a complex protein which is hard to digest and it can worsen psoriasis symptoms and also, they are acid forming foods. Do some regular exercise as well and keep walking on this path of holistic healing.


I have never gotten tested for any food allergies or vitamin levels. Ashish Agarwal Yes Deborah. Pagano’s book contains before and after photos of his patients, describes the causes of psoriasis and his protocol for treating it.

Slippery Elm bark tea in the morning and Saffron tea in the evening is advised. Enough about the psychological part. Our blood inside her skin is all the same. Moreover, avoiding allergic causing foods and other unhealthy is good for your overall health.

Videos About This Paagano.

Also focus on smooth bowel movements with no constipation and acidity etc. We haven’t yet tried the methods in this book, so I can’t attest to whether they work My wife has psoriasis, and I read this book to learn more about her disease and how to deal with it. P suggested, there was a noticeable healing in my skin lesions. I think, you need to quit smoking and drinking for atleast 3 months along with the restricted diet protocols.

I also use some herbs to clean my insides. Drink American yellow saffron tea and six to eight glasses of water each day; supplement with flax oil, fish oil with omega-3 fatty acid and slippery elm bark powder. And one cannot leave home with arms coated in oil. I am impatiently waiting for your reply. Pratiksha Hi Ashish My name is Pratiksha.

I am ready to restrict roti sabji to once in a day during lunchinstead of wheat i will use millet bajra or sourgum, will avoid sabji of nightshade vegetables but I dont know pgaano even after having such restriction will I be allowed by the pageno book to do so and eat roti sabji. The healing is slow, but steady. You can browse them and choose the best ones for you.


Hi Neha, Good to know that you are on the hwaling path. First of all, please stop evaluating on a daily or hourly basis. Hence, whey protein would put a lot of burden on the body metabolism and it would need a lot of efforts to process them. Everyone talks about the added benefit of weight loss, our problem is my husband is naturally a skinny guy.

Has anyone seen result from Dr. John Pagano’s Healing Psoriasis?

Link of our Facebook group is- https: I will keep posting my progress. Pagano seemed like a pspriasis positive, likeable person, and that really shone through. For any query, feel free to contact me. You can eat your green vegetables in raw, steamed or cooked in low to medium heat.

But they provide us necessary nutrients and energy. I have noticed that if I am in a flare and eat red meat, it will make it a little worse. I will make moderate dietary changes but that would be eliminating psorkasis things and eating more greens.

I have yet to see any doctor about it. But, it is not mandatory. Oats for breakfast 3. I will tell the results. Such a great blog by the way, I am so happy to have come across it. Hi Chris, Yeah…you are right.