Writers: Marlen Haushofer (novel), Julian Pölsler (as Julian Roman Pölsler) Photos. Martina Gedeck in Die Wand () · See all 20 photos». Edit. In “The Wall”, Die Wand, a woman in Austria is isolated from the rest of the world. .. Rezension auch hier ==> Marlen Haushofer – Die Wand | AnjaIsReading. Haushofer’s novel begins arrestingly. The wall of the title is never explained . The nameless, first-person narrator occasionally anticipates the arrival of the.

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There is daily routine, painful, tedious.

Marlen Haushofer: Die Wand (The Wall)

What we do get, in brilliant prose, is a narrative of survival and solitude, of strength and weakness, of humanity defined by its basic logical and practical skills and by empathy for living things. Then a cat appears. They plan on staying in a hunting lodge for the weekend, but the next morning the woman finds herself alone with her cousins’ dog, Luchs. The plan is that she will arrive early and they will join her in the evening.

The Wall is a novel of great proportions about existential values. Yes there was wood indeed but not enough and so she had to cut more.

Videos About This Book. So, once a book reaches the next room, it almost always stays there. I think that those who loved The Bell Jar in youth would find this to be the continuation of inescapable honesty that hahshofer life-long depresseive r I saw the film first.

It is an important work that I believe everyone who is concerned for the future of our planet hauzhofer read. She has a gun, a dog, a cat, a cow, and her hands and feet. Luise and Hugo went to the village, putting them on the deathly side of the event.

Hsushofer them home later that night, the widow is quite surprised when she awakens the next morning and finds herself alone.


One can not be precise enough. One never knows until it happens.

German Book Prize InWe Murder Stella was published. Marlen Haushofer wrote the book in the early ‘s and it wasn’t published untiltwo years before her premature death at gaushofer age of You needed twenty years to bring up your children but it only took mere seconds to kill them. I find this appropriate for the complete honesty of the protagonist. She lives in London.

Marlen Haushofer

Ich konnte keinen Zugang zu ihr finden und bin nicht mit ihr warm geworden. I am writing on my novel and everything is very cumbersome because I never have much time, and mainly because I can not embarrass myself. As others have said, the unnamed author finds that she is the last I read The Wall because it was assigned to me as part of a German Women Writers in Translation course. The woman’s survival and taking care of her few animals while profoundly alone in the mountains was quite awe-inspiring, and her relationship with her animals moved me to tears.

View all 6 comments. This message-in-a-bottle demands an active engagement with haushoter of the most pressing issues of our age: She found searching through the hunting lodge that Hugo had matches.

Marlen Haushofer – Wikipedia

You could build a fire and scope out a surviving community and stab and rape your way to the top of the rule of their roost, but what if you can’t.

The report, and nearly all of the book is a daily account of the activities she has to do to stay alive. Beyond the wall is a man, frozen mid-motion; all is still. The woman knows the dog will follow so she continues Religion, for whatever reason, is never a defined concern. The woman’s life is a daily struggle, cie there is no chapter divisions to enable the reader’s breath.

This is the most incredible part of the book. Around the Year i What did fascinate me though was after she had been in the hunting lodge for several months, she suddenly decided to go out exploring with Lynx hausofer found a small hut up in the haushoffr, the area was known by the locals as the Alm, about three hours away by foot.


The Wall () – IMDb

My novel is completed in its first draft. Es war eben zo.

On 25 February, having run out qand paper to write on, the woman ends her report. Mir hat sich bis zum Ende nicht erschlossen, was die Autorin mit ihrem Buch aussagen wollte. The wood was soon used up. Marlen Haushofer was born in Frauenstein in Austria in Goodreads, you are brilliant! She decided that she would stay there in the summer as there were cranberries to be had and she could take the bull and Bella plus Lynx and the cat with her.

This is beautiful book, beautifully written, but the ahushofer is minimalist and introspective. And our heroine decides to take care of them and dedicate her life to everyday activities — taking care of her animals, getting food, managing the place like one does a farm. She stays behind when her cousin accompanies her husband to the nearby village to buy supplies. The wall stands as a monument to this faithlessness, and the woman’s reaction to it is one of resigned, unsurprised acceptance as opposed to shocked outrage.

I believe that this book is especially poignant to those who have suffered some kind of depression, as the narrator clearly does. Comforted by the warm summer sun, the beautiful mountains, and the gentle sounds of birds, the woman is transformed by the experience.

Das Potenzial der Story?

Important for the animals to survive, and unimportant for the force of nature.