Hammerfast: A Dwarven Outpost Adventure Site (4e) – If you’re a Dungeon Master looking for an intrigue-laden adventure location that fits. Find great deals for Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Hammerfast D&d 4e Adventure – No Battle Map. Shop with confidence on eBay!. 4th Edition D&d: Hammerfast: A Dwarven Outpost Adventure Site by Peter Lee and Mike Mearls (, Paperback). Be the first to write a review. About this.

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Please note that all images were taken by me, with my own digital camera, and they are of the product I purchased myself.

The artwork and names used in published Dungeons and Dragons materials are the sole property of Wizards of the Coast. Hammerfast is the first of the adventure site supplement line developed and released by Wizards of the Coast.

It is a short module style book that briefly details the history and current conditions of a bustling dwarven outpost. An Ancient Ruins Adventure Site, and details a fallen tiefling stronghold. So it appears that each adventure site will focus on a particular race. The tavern is a 2 story building and the battlemap shows both levels. A removable cover old school style! It also outlines the ruling parties of Hammerfast and discusses specific holidays celebrated there.

This section is only 2 pages. Section 3 is a 2 page foray into the wilderness surrounding Hammerfast. This is complete with a paragraph or two written about each major landmark on the wilderness map and a description of common inhabitants of the area. Section 4 is a one page discussion of the four most important ruling figures in Hammerfast and a short sidebar on the major issues facing the outpost.

The next 13 pages of the book make up section 5 — by far the biggest in the book. This section describes the 50 most important or interesting locations found on the map of Hammerfast with buildings labeled on an interior map so there is no mistake where that particular location is. The Foundation Stone, the popular tavern mentioned earlier, gets the next two full pages, making up the entirety of section 6.

Section 7 is a 3 page discussion of the common villains found in Hammerfast, complete with adventure hooks for each step of a Heroic Level campaign. This includes stat blocks for the leaders of the groups. Section 11the final section, is a list of 8 other quick adventure hooks that could be used while the players are spending time in Hammerfast.

Hammerfast is a dwarven outpost with a long history of strife and warlike tendencies. It was a necropolis at its inception, basically a graveyard city of tombs. It was heavily guarded and, of course, full of treasure.

Orcs raided the outpost and there was a massive battle.

Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Hammerfast D&d 4e Adventure – No Battle Map

Many fell, orcs and dwarves alike. To quell violence, a pact was struck between Moradin and Gruumsh. As a result, ghosts of the dead, orcs and dwarf alike, walk the street and some even participate in governing the outpost.

Priests of Hammerfasg and Priests of Gruumsh have an uneasy peace and there are rules against assault of the living and the dead. Raiding of un-opened tombs is punishable by death. Hammerfast is painted haammerfast a very intriguing place. The book does a very good job of presenting the history, the creation of the compact, and codification of the rules by which everyone lives in Hammerfast.


It sets up a very interesting way for particular behaviors to be enforced… and interesting ways hakmerfast the rules to be subverted. Hammerfast is presented as a town split into four sects. The Gate Ward is the entrance to the outpost, and is as far as most visitors, travelers, and adventurers get. The rest of the town hammerdast split into a section for each ruling guild Trade, Lore, and Craft.

The gate ward has about 20 detailed locations, while the others have hammerfasst ten each. The Foundation Stone popular tavern is given 2 whole pages on its own. This is set up to be the most important place for adventurers to visit when they first enter the outpost.

The description of the Stone as it is called by the locals is very good — both interesting and fun. Yes, I said fun. How can a description be fun? Well, they describe some of the tavern games that occur in the building.

This is a popular game that pits two drunken combatants against each other, hands tied behind their backs, starting on opposite sides of the plank. The goal is to knock your opponent into the pit. They also include rules for participating in a knife throwing contest as well — good hammerfqst

The book is well written and has very high production values, as hammerfat 4e products do. The ideas are presented well and the intent of each section is achieved. I think this is the first official 4e release that is all black-and-white. The interior art, other than the maps, consists of line drawings of generic characters lots of dwarves, of course and a couple of NPCs. Nothing mind-blowing, but it is decent. The cover of the book was well done, and in color, though.

It is of typical quality — good but not fantastic. It is thick paper, but the creases will whiten with continued use. I do want to hammefast out that the artistry used to make the map is fantastic, as seen here:.

The cover of the book is a nice sturdy backing that stands up like old-school module map-covers.

Hammerfast – Review of the Outpost | Hammerfast: A Dwarven Outpost Adventure Site | RPGGeek

The interior of the book has nice glossy, thick paper. These are written as part of the location descriptions in sections 5 and 6 town and tavern locations.

Some of these NPCs seem generic and stereotyped, but a few of them shine with interesting goodness; e. Here is where we meet one of the problems I have with the book. The section that presents the campaign hooks that take the PCs from levels form the foundation of one hammerrast story arc. The main campaign arc specifically names only 5 hammerffast the 51 NPCs described in the locations hsmmerfast. And that section also fails to incorporate a single previously mentioned resident of Hammerfast.

In the locations section the writers presented brief descriptions of NPCs and location information only. That is appropriate, but I wish they would have added the adventure hooks in with the basic hammedfast at that point in the book. They could have just added a sentence or two that would tie that location or person to the campaign arc presented later, or they could have presented a stand-alone hammrefast that focused on that NPCs life or business. They only do this in 2 or 3 cases out of 50 locations.


As I re-inspect the book 24 hours after writing this last bit, I realize that I may be too hard on the product in this respect. The intent of the adventure site is to present a viable place for 4d to spend some time, with an interesting background if the DM needs it. The intent of the product is NOT to be a full-fledged adventure module. But oh well — that was my yammerfast impression, so I put it hammerfsat the review.

They chose to spend energy developing a longer adventure arc instead. This book contains only 6 stat blocks in its 31 pages not counting the first page since it only has credits and art on it. There is not a single developed encounter in this book — you have to generate them yourself. It depends, then, upon how much of a hook you want to begin with — a small one?

Great, get this book. A well fleshed out one? You will have to imagine that art yourself. Yes, this one is for you. This one fits the bill if you have any imagination at all. The concept of Hammerfast is intriguing and the background of the outpost does bring a new and interesting flavor hammwrfast the game.

A town where ghost and living being live in peace? A town where orcs and dwarves live in peace?

Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Hammerfast D&d 4e Adventure – No Battle Map | eBay

A town with political intrigue? A town with lots of adventure? Only if you make it so. He is also a hammerfats of the gaming podcast Play on Target.

He plays all manner of role-playing games and boardgames and continues to learn new games all the time and new things about old games, too. Sam lives in Upstate New York with his wife and their game collection.

You can follow him on twitter DMSamuel. It sounds like this would be a good starting place or resting place for a sprawling sandbox-style game, so long as the players are interested or the DM contrives a reason to go there.

Yes — I think it fits that profile exactly. It is a great sandbox from which to adventure forth, or a great homebase to keep going back to after each significant quest. Hammerfsst terms of getting there, a couple of the adventure hooks on the back page are designed to help the DM work the Outpost into their game, and so suggest at opportunities to get the players to Hammerfast if the DM really wanted them there.

My first impression of the book was: Hammerfast review — now with Pictures!! Scan of Front Cover. Front page of Hammerfast. Hammerfast – map side 1. Foundation Stone floor 1. Foundation Stone Second Floor.