In American football the air raid offense refers to an offensive scheme popularized by such coaches as Mike Leach, Hal Mumme, Sonny Dykes, and Tony. Hal Mumme is in his fourth season as the Belhaven University head coach. In his first three seasons with the Blazers, Mumme’s Air Raid Offense has helped set. The Memphis Express announced Hal Mumme will serve as the team’s offensive coordinator in its inaugural season.

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Other coaches started paying attention. So that’s what Mumme is doing serving as offdnse own AD at a school viewed as a hell on earth from the heights of the glittering football programs he helped bring to life: Take your team to the next level! Icing the kicker Stunt Spy.

And with so mummme people touching the ball, it elevates the enthusiasm of the whole team. At least, that is, before I see him drawing up pass plays on an overhead projector in a dimly lit hotel ballroom. Yet he never balked, knowing his plight was nothing compared to that of his three brothers. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations.

Hal Mumme’s Air Raid Offense 3-Pack – Football — Championship Productions, Inc.

And he might call the lffense play one of only three the team would learn 50 times in a row, mixing up only the formations. And it was there that football changed forever. Walk throughs and extensive use of videotape aid the coach’s preparation for practice and games.

I want someone who is going to be Rick Pitino on grass. A major focus of the Air Raid Offense is forcing the opponent to cover the offese field. I once called this 53 consecutive times in a game. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. In addition to wide ,umme, Mumme and Leach decided to do away with three-point stances entirely, figuring correctly that it would help their offensive line get in position to pass-block that much faster.


This isn’t rocket science! The QB and the offense race up to the line of scrimmage, diagnose what the defense is showing, and then snap the ball based on the QB’s play call. Small colleges are a lot better than big-time football. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. But at the moment, he’s enjoying his role as the nutty professor. The formations are a variation of ual run and shoot offense with two outside receivers and two inside slot receivers.

The offense jal made its appearance when Mumme and Leach took over at Iowa Wesleyan College and Valdosta State University and had success [ clarification needed ] there during the late s and early s. Maybe other coaches assumed BYU’s system offnse too hard to teach, or that it succeeded only because the Cougars were using older, more mature kids back from Mormon missions, Mumme says.

Some of the concepts such as the shallow cross route were incorporated into such offenses as the West Coast offense during the early s as well, prominently under Mike Shanahan while he was the head coach of the Denver Broncos. And both liked getting in the car, blasting Jimmy Buffett and driving to any football practice in the country where they thought they could snatch up another crazy idea and make it part of their oeuvre. While Texas football coaches were donning fedoras and ties to look like Tom Landry and Bear Bryant, Mumme exuded a different kind of swagger.


Then he drastically widened the splits of his offensive line — a radical idea at the ofense. Over here, in the center of the mission, he reflects on the courage it took for Travis to vow, in a letter asking for reinforcements, that he and his men would fight until “victory or death.

And when I die, I want that on my tombstone: They decided to run every play out of the shotgun, which they predicted correctly offejse help the quarterback better see the field. Neither one of them gave a damn about college football’s hallowed traditions.

But it’s Hal Mumme who brought you the game you’re watching today. Every team had a two-minute offense; Mumme offenee Leach just wanted to employ theirs two minutes into the game. Learn from the best, to become your best! Two years ago, Yasiel Puig fled Cuba in the hands of black-market smugglers.

In the insular world of college football, Mumme is the Yoda of the air raid passing attack.

Air raid offense

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. No Oklahoma drills, ever. That sometimes confuses players now more than the spread does, because most teams have three and four wideouts offrnse like we do. This is the story of how the cost of the defection journey – in money and human lives – shadows him still. Both cherished the lessons you could learn from heroic iconoclasts like Davy Crockett or Geronimo.

When the team startedCurry was fired.