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Human consciousness every moment participates in the formation of physical reality. Thursday and Friday, So, enough, simply mean.

Payment only for the second day: Za vse, you were at a seminar in November: The workshop will be in Russian with translation into English. As a result, you will have a way define the part of the mind, It is management, building a reality.


Man can activate the work of any part of your consciousness with his mind. The condition is only, that he wishes and that he has learned to manage exactly this mechanism. Numeric string to spread the teachings Grigory Grabovoja worldwide: Elizabeth Drummer er and the Association of Eternal Light.


On a practical workshop will be presented concrete facts on the principles of materialisation and dematerialisation of the Doctrine Grigory Grabovoja, mechanism, necessary conditions, concrete techniques and the scope for materialization of matter through their own consciousness.

Therefore, the resurrection is based on the perception of the eternal in man. Each participant will receive a free audio recording. Elizabeta Bobnar Najzer info center-grabovoi. Grigory Grabovoj in his book, The Resurrection and eternal life – now our reality!

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Granovoi companies Inter-shirts, Nazorjeva 85, Ljubljana. Therefore, anyone can make an informed learns to manage through this mechanism, which it was part of our original consciousness Creator. Ljubljana Nazorjeva 85 Ljubljana Slovenia. Bring a USB flash drive, which should be in an envelope with a return address.

So any object, who is familiar with the information about its original norm, always it is recreated in its original form.

And thinking the instrument, which is accessible to every man. In the consciousness of every human being, therefore, there is indeed a specific area, where it is stored mechanism of materialization of each piece of the world.


Also back information eternity arbitrary object provides the opportunity for its materialization. A similar analogy applies to the materialization of garbovoi object, since the object you create with your soul.

Payment on the first day of the seminar, or via bank account: SI56 BIC of the beneficiary’s bank: