Choose business IT software and services with confidence. Read verified DXC GraphTalk A.I.A Life Insurance Policy Administration Systems, Europe Reviews. See the GraphTalk A.I.A. by DXC Technology and review detailed product information. GraphTalk A.I.A is a comprehensive product and policy administration solution for managing your whole insurance business: life, pensions, health and general.

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It supports easy, flexible configuration by users without the need for complex coding and programming, and integration with technologies like XML.

A can now administer the range of health policy and claim events, including critical illness, disability, protection income, health care insurance, grqphtalk medical insurance and long-term care. Both dashboards and extracts designed to meet the requirements in terms of analysis, statistics, activity and performance monitoring are provided with the standard version.

More than just allowing the view and use of the information collected about customers customer and contract data, risk characteristics, selected coverages or accumulated savings, etc. Find your next role: Customer Partner Supplier Other.

Rapidity in testing both new products and updated products. Thanks grxphtalk submitting your review of DXC Technology.

Available from DXC Technology. To face up to the major changes taking place in their industry, insurers have no other choice but to accelerate the implementation of a strategy that should combine technological innovations and marketing creativity.

We will email you information to reset your password. In addition, thanks to an individualised case management, offers made to customers are likely to a.i.a personalized according to the assessment of the customer’s requirements and risk profile. Thanks to its flexible architecture, it can be easily interfaced with third-party systems.


How to re-energize your sales force through a fully parameterisable management of a.u.a distribution networks? Thanks to a large range of product parameterisation tools. ai.a experts are able to be autonomous in the definition of their products. Some blockchain predictions for Why will things change in ? Commissioning management is also included in the scope of distribution network management. A is a completely open solution that can be interfaced with most standard Big Data tools.

When writing a review, please adhere to the Review Guidelines. Today, give value to and make appropriate use of their back office data is a crucial graphralk for insurers, not only for the purposes of driving and planning their activity, but also of personalizing their offer. A with other insurance applications and create a universal business process management environment.

Configurability of the business processes so as to meet the needs for new products and their administration requirements. Agile deployment of new distribution networks.

CSC upgrades GraphTalk A.I.A

The new features we’ve added to GraphTalk A. This allows, for instance, a company to introduce new products easily without altering their system’s ggraphtalk function. A can easily be deployed on the cloud. A enables them to reduce administration costs, ease communication and integration with other operating systems, and in turn, gives them the ability to provide an increased range of services and products to their customers.

Digital transformation is at the heart of this strategy, which relies on graphtlk use of new communication networks as well as connected objects.

GraphTalk A.I.A Our Core Insurance Solution | DXC Technology

As a matter of fact, data managed by GraphTalk A. Keep up-to-date with the latest insights, innovation and technology from around the globe. A represent a significant new opportunity for existing customers to exploit changing market conditions, and provide an even more compelling case for new customers to adopt CSC’s market-leading solution. The integration of GraphTalk A. The new version also includes an integrated business process management capability that provides a flexible approach to controlling business process and business rules, and enables life, health and pensions providers to rapidly bring new products to market.


A administers individual and group investment, and traditional life and pensions products, including unit-linked savings, employee benefits and health. Click on a star to rate this company.

DXC GraphTalk

Company profile See all products. Write a blog post about this story membership required.

We really value your contributions, and so does our community of business professionals. Looking for a solution designed to perfectly integrate with your ecosystem?

How to surpass your competitors thanks to an autonomous solution that accelerates time-to-market?

With a record of implementations in 30 countries, GraphTalk A. A, CSC’s strategic software solution for the European life, pensions and health industry. The SaaS platform is the perfect choice for all market players, as it allows them to enjoy all the benefits of the solution at costs that are adjusted to its actual use, and, at the same time, to rapidly test new offers.

We’ll email you as soon as it’s published, typically within 48 hours. This policy administration system features a wide range of pre-populated product templates with flexible product definition, support for multiple distribution channels, and product- and task-oriented workflow for automating and streamlining all business processes from quotes to claims. This architecture offers numerous deployment possibilities that are adapted to the new mobility usages.

A allows insurers to develop and retain their portfolio thanks to a global and graptalk customer approach.