This module covers the use of the graphing software, Graphmatica, to teach selected mathematics topics in the secondary school mathematics syllabi. Extension. The main limitation of Graphmatica is that it cannot plot points entered by the user . [eBook][Delphi] – Borland Delphi 7 – Tutorial – Creating a Websnap. MA TUTORIAL 2. 1. Solve the following differential [Choose values of the constants for yourself, and use Graphmatica if necessary.] 4. A certain MA

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Graphmatica Full [graphmatica for android]

Below is a quick-start introduction to Graphmatica. Either change the colors of Graph1, Graph2, etc all to black, or change to Monochrome layout.

The pictures are smaller than you will normally see. It works well for IB Math Portfolio work. There are two ways to erase a graph.

Right-click on the graph then choose: When you start Graphmatica the first time, you might not like the layout – funny colors, small numbers. Before copying, you might want to resize the Graphmatica window, as resizing in a word-processor might make the picture ugly. This gives better results than tracing, as tracing only finds approximate coordinates – e.


This forces the [Curve Fit] button to use a straight line to fit the points. Click on the curve you want to investigate.

For the parabola, this also finds the vertex. Now you will have white paper with vraphmatica lines, and you can draw your first graph. You must use Graphmatica notation to define functions, but do not use this notation when writing mathematics in an IB Portfolio. Here is a summary of common symbols.

Graphmatica Full [graphmatica for android] – video dailymotion

Type the coordinates of the points you want tutorizl mark with dots. If you drew lots of graphs and erased them, they will all appear again when you open the file next time. You can label points or add other annotations notes to your graph. Click on the graph of the derivative to see it’s formula at the bottom. If you want to move the annotation later, double-click on it, click the [Place] button, then click on the graph to place that annotation.


After typing the points, you can hide the data-table graphmayica but the dots will stay. Graphmatica draws mathematical graphs, like: If you don’t want to see the graph, hide it.

Graphmatica by kSoft

Click on Draw Tangent Line, then click on a point on graphmaticq curve. You can plot data points and ask Graphmatica to find the best-fit-line.

This will squash your graph to make room for the data table. There are two ways to zoom in and out: Graphmatica will also graph relations implicit functionssuch as circles and conic sections. You can also graph a line from an equation, without solving for y.

The equation of th best-fit-line appears at the bottom of the screen. In the formula-box, type: You can also traphmatica inequalities and it will shade in areas for you. Then you can paste it into a document.