Globalizacja w trzech odsłonach: offshoring–globalne nierównowagi–polityka pieniężna. Bookmark. by Krzysztof Rybiński · Priorytety rozwoju gospodarczego. B. Liberska: Nowa fala globalizacji – outsourcing usług sektora IT. PWE, Warszawa , p. 2. K. Rybiński: Globalizacja w trzech odsłonach. Publisher: Difin. KICZ W TRZECH ODSŁONACH / Three Views of Kitsch. Article in Kultura i O czym mówi współczesny ukraiński kicz w dobie globalizacji? January

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Companies across industries gain the competitive advantage by outsourcing and offshoring.

The study is based on detailed analysis of the literature on outsourcing and offshoring. The article presents a preliminary analysis of offshoring sector in Poland. The following considerations are taken into account: The growing number of companies and employments in this sector.

Subsequent growth of the offshoring business service sector in Poland is visible. Quick jump to page content. Published Tgzech 31, Abstract Companies across ldsonach gain the competitive advantage by outsourcing and offshoring. Offshoring sector in Poland.


Vistula University | Rector –

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Offshoring sector in Poland

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