Full text of “Hayduke, George Getting Even Paladin Press”. See other formats. CIA Book of Dirty Tricks Recoil / Eutronix PDF conversion by Grog Index Additives. A hilarious overview of the methods people use to get even with big business, government and enemies. These dirty tricks range from the simple to the elaborate. George Hayduke has 23 books on Goodreads with ratings. George Hayduke’s most popular book is Get Even: The Complete Book of Dirty Tricks.

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Several daint handkerchiefs of the type favored by milady and heavily impregnated with semen can also be stuffed in the car. Gary decided to have some professional fun.

You could start off your festivities by quieting yourself away from the crowd, locating the family freezer, and either turning the unit down greatly, pulling the plug unless it’s equipped with a safety signal unitor switching it to defrost.

Here’s how to mail letters to friends jayduke free. He said it would never happen again. Pick an area clear of utility lines and pipes and lay out some string and stakes. Water and hayduoe can produce an explosion. As a service, we are providing you with this form so hauduke your rent can be reduced or stabilized if the owner of this building does not upgrade your apartment complex.

If your mark has an outdoor barbecue, you could sprinkle a cup of old-fashioned black powder around the bottom of the grill.

Full text of “Hayduke, George Make ’em Pay Ultimate Revenge Techniques Paladin Press”

Done correctly, this is a spectacular stunt. A bottle opener is hard on the finish. Another tip Carla passes along when you decide to declare an obnoxious dog MIA is to “lose” its rabies-shot tag. It was good to hear from the Yakima Rt.

James Idare, a longtime advocate of peace, laments, “Every time we put up posters, some Yuppies, evn or retreads for Reagan tear them down. I pissed in his shoes. Take a tip hayvuke that and don’t make it outlandish. Very few flights ever have a clerk actually check the baggage and collect claim checks.


One anti-jogger has already suggested that these spikes be reduced in size and dropped strategically near the running habitat of these long-range exercise buffs. The best part is that by now, she can’t think of anyone who would have a motive to hurt her. That’s when the “bolt weevils” came to the farmers’ rescue.

She brought him back in time to “come off” the flight and appear to be arriving home to his wife and family. Suppose you get turned down for insurance and you want hqyduke know why.

He told them that she’d just burned him on a drug deal and that he was turning her in because of it. One of your associates must be a comely young lady.

Full text of “Hayduke, George Getting Even Paladin Press”

Put it into a baked shell, pie, quiche or whatever is in at the moment. Although it took her an hour to discover and remove it, the lawyer friend of Tim’s didn’t call until the next morning, when a new sign was in the window: Head for the road in your car.

You prick a tiny pin through the plastic outer cable and through the shield. Again, pull the main block and shut down all the power in the house.

He didn’t even know the people behind georte. The kids who blackbagged the FBI offices in Media, Pennsylvania, were nonprofessionals, and look what they pulled off! The medium was a handwritten note done by one friend, while the delivery system was another friend of Geneth ‘s who left the airport immediately after handling the note in a sealed envelope to a boarding attendant at the gate, along with this verbal request: This is an unsafe trick without grand planning.

If you could get a banker to tell the truth, he’d admit that they hate college-student checking accounts. The “personals” in newspapers can provide even more fun.


Books by George Hayduke

I learned that four of my former brothers got busted in Maryland on federal gun charges and are going to do about three to five years each. After you’ve done this, a few anonymous letters to the mark’s employer about the “child-abuse thing” will help out. Some tossed their lemons at the salesmen standing outside the dealership trying to wish away Skull’s legal form of Haydukery.

Their next idea will work wonderfully if the mark bought his or her car from an out-of-town dealer.

The legal hassle for the mark remains the same. Sometimes, though, idiots obtain these prime vehicles and do rude things to other people’s property. Usually, these idiots are about as sensitive to other people’s feelings as Idi Amin was to the plight of the poor. Later, when some drinkable potion like milk or coffee was poured into the mug by some unsuspecting mark, the soap was activated. There’s an old Creole belief that sums it up well, hajduke geye kofias na dlo, e se dlo ki kuit li, ” which means something like this, “A fish trusts the water, and yet it is in the water that it is cooked.

Then you bring your pellet gun into action. Bayduke man calling himself Hank suggests one for the construction gerge. They also have rat traps, poison and ill-paid illegals from Mexico to dispose of the rodents.

George Hayduke (author)

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Unfasten the CB coax line from the mark’s antenna. Another person I know went to the local animal hayxuke on several different days and got a total of fifteen cats for twenty-five dollars.