The Age of Fallibility has ratings and 18 reviews. Zach said: I had never heard of George Soros until I read an editorial he sent in to the Wall Stre. The Age of Fallibility. George Soros, June 26, Tyranny, violence, ignorance , and arrogance: The celebrated financier and bestselling author takes on the. George Soros: The Age of Fallibility – Consequences of the War on Terror. Public Affairs, New York, Soros considers himself a stateless statesman who is.

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Sep 06, Lama rated it it was ok. Soros, quite frankly, worries me. Erik Moore rated it really liked it Oct 06, His ideas around the ‘feel good’ and ‘open’ societies are good, and and can be books in themselves.

He comes across as a agw dictator intent on changing the world in his own image. He’s a leftist version of Donald Trump in many ways on how he views the power his money has given him.

The idea of an open society is one that accepts that we will never reach a “perfect” solution to anything and so we must always work together to improve what we are doing, thf that each improvement we make will require additional improvements.

We an say how USA arogant to others. Oct 09, Louis Lapides rated it it was ok.

The Age of Fallibility: Consequences of the War on Terror

I do not believe in finishing a book merely because it’s been started and this book did not deserve to be finished.

Published June 12th by PublicAffairs first published May 30th Lists with This Book. Smunch rated it it was ok Sep 23, Quotes from The Age of Fallib In first part which has 2 chapters he tried to explain his conceptual framework. In the book Soros discusses his philosophy on thinking and reality, what an open society is and why the US is having trouble being one, the current Bush policies, the war on drugs, the war on terror, how Bush could possibly have gotten re-elected, how key professions have become businesses, how academia has lost its identity and is becoming and end in itself, affirmative action Very interesting overview of the current world situation as fo by someone with a lot gworge world-stage experience.


What a dangerous gain this man is playing Want to Read Fallbiility Reading Read. Overall, this is a great book for someone who is interested in georve is currently happening in this country and the world and would like to know more.

There are no discussion topics on egorge book yet. Trivia About The Age of Fallib The most severe example is the myriad of US based environmental and associated social agencies who are ripping Canadian government sovereignty apart by the seams both at the federal and provincial levels and using Canadian aboriginal groups as a proxy for this dangerously misguided effort Soros gives an in depth look into all three topics and makes some very good points.

Peter Hanula rated it really liked it Jan 06, Dec 06, David rated it did falllibility like it. Understanding reality means we create a model or picture in our mind which is correspond with it. Maddie rated it liked it Oct 09, It is certainly an awful lot more convincing, as an analysis soross human history, than Hari Seldon.

The Age of Fallibility: Consequences of the War on Terror by George Soros

Soros, reality is something that independent from geoege mind. He merely points out the ways in which Americans can improve in our domestic and foreign policies. The abstract concepts at the start of the book are interesting and, I think, are valid. The book got over my head a bit towards the end. In this book we get a very clear geeorge honest look at the current state of the US through the eyes of a man I have a huge amount of respect for.


George Soros should not write in English. The book is overflowing with such clarity and intelligence that I can’t imagine anyone honestly interested in what’s going wrong with America would soors be fascinated with it. In this powerful essay Soros spells out his views and how they differ from the president’s.

Aug 07, Oasix21 rated it really liked it. The book was helpful in giving me insight into the thinking of George Soros. Basically, reality isn’t a fixed thing that og work around, it is constantly changing because of our actions and our thoughts.

Austin Marshburn rated it it was ok Sep 09, If you like the political writings of Chomsky or Vidal, Berman’s “Twilight of the American Culture”, Stiglitz’s “Globalization and its Discontents”, or are in any way troubled by the disconnect between what Bush says and what he accomplishes And After reflecting on his support of a losing Democrat for president, George Soros steps back to revisit his views on why George Fallibilkty policies around the world fall short in the arenas most important to Soros: However it seems sound enough, particularly his linkage with and development of the sors of Karl Popper.

First, I have developed a conceptual framework that has given me a certain understanding of history, and, in particular, what I call far-from-equilibrium situations; second, I have a doros of firm ethical and political beliefs; and third, I have made a lot of fallibiligy. Soros connects the dot’s to this one grand problem, and the offers a grand solution that humanity must undertake before it’s to late.

A second reading might be necessary to grasp a deeper understanding. If you liked Orwell’s you will almost assuredly like this book.