Geo Places v4 is a great WordPress Theme for create a city directory, list out the best places, add reviews and rating, show locations through Google maps. upgrade to see different pins on the map, like the geo places templatic theme? This theme uses the standard WordPress search function, so all the plugins . 4. I’m also looking into this as well, but currently not an option. 4 Tháng Chín Create & manage your out of the box city directory website easily in WordPress. Turns your WordPress install into a strategically built city portal.

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Geo Places v4 WordPress City Guide Theme for Google Maps, Add Reviews & Ratings

Surely there is a proximity search function, to allow you to find e. You can upload a csv file containing cities, there is no need to upload them one by one. The visitors can directly click on the map marker and get the details pertaining to that listing. March 27, at 2: Expect to hear from me via email in the next few minutes. Maps are available for the home, category and detail page. Works only with PayPal.

Geo Places v Templatic WordPress Theme | Template for share

From that dashboard, they can manage their website profile and manage all the content they published. More importantly however, once you confirm that they do own the business, what happens then? There are so many javascript requests that is slowing up the page load.

You can mention the other listing in the description — or create a custom field.


Upload unique icons for each category displayed on the homepage map. September 30, at With GeoPlaces v4 comes the ability to separately import places, events, blog posts and cities.

Am I allowed to customize the theme? May 22, at Hi George No, there is no such functionality inside GeoPlaces.

City Directory WordPress Theme | Business And Events Directories []

This was fixed right away, all those users just need to update their sites to the latest version. I have been trying with UK postcodes or placenames in the Glasgow city site. Along with the search and detail page, now you can show custom fields inside success pages pages that show after content submissionlisting pages, WordPress back-end gguide even emails!

Is there a way to put gwoplaces javascript request to a minimal?

Although appears as a city guide, you can buide this powerful listings theme for companies, businesses, restaurants, food or travel guides, hotels or anything else. You can set that in Basic Settings. Guied someone submits a Russian. April 6, at 7: Hi Shea Did you activate custom.

When i go into places category. April 25, at 2: This helps your visitors to find out the accurate location of each listing. For information about the theme read the theme guide. The actual theme will work just fine. December 20, at You can do this while adding the city. Related content Show related places and events on detail pages.

Email for Contact Details is Empty. The theme is highly customizable and therefore you can use it for different purpose and find out new way through which it can be beneficial to you. Thank you for your continuous support and understanding through the numerous ggeoplaces. For instance, Peddler Village has an event on the demo.


If you need help with it please create a new topic in our forums. Can you recommend a good plugin or other to optimize how my site appears on mobiles. Just saw the video tutorial…WOW! Once installed, you be able to let your users switch between the languages on your directory.

For example, I want to add listings for groplaces number of Theatres Places and be able to show the Events play, musical, concert etc buide at that Theatre. March 26, at 3: March 4, at Hi Alex The error originates from a WordPress file, not a theme file. Recurring payments The price packages you create geoplaves be charged on a rolling basis. August 26, at Great work with the new 4th version!!!

Click here to purchase the theme Better monetization — make even more money GeoPlaces v4 takes monetization on a whole new level with features like recurring payments and price packages. Custom widgets Display unique content with widgets such as: How do I make it so that only registered members can post a place or event?

Let me also add that it is being hosted thmee godaddy and now its having the problem. March 2, at 4: Is it possible for that page on the demo site to list upcoming events? Or I have to edit some php files one by one?