There were reports in that showed that ‘galamsey’ operations in the East Akyem District were polluting the Birim, Densu and Ayensu rivers which served as. Recently, there have been efforts by stakeholders to monitor illegal mining ( galamsey) activities, foster their formalization and reclaim the many abandoned. Ghana, one of the world’s biggest producers of cocoa beans, is facing a leased to galamsey miners in an effort to regulate their operations.

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Districts like Amenfi Central, Bibiani and Amenfi West recorded appreciable sightings of galamsey activities. We are sending them to court for them to be remanded then we will continue with the investigations.

Fighting ‘Galamsey’ and River Pollution in Ghana – Government of Ghana

Galamsey — The good, the bad and the ugly Gbana 16, Also, the presence of high mineralization, LSMs, regularized ASM and rich history of galamsey may alone not be adequate to cause galamsey proliferation within a locality; thus, a locality may possess all the ingredients and resources for a booming galamsey business, yet one may not encounter galamseyers. Operates near water bodies and requires high volume of clean water for operation.

And purposely, we have observed that it is the Chinese who have brought the machines are in the Ankobra and Pra rivers excavating and processing the alluvial ij in the rivers. The district was the focus of attention for the earliest European prospectors and promoters who first entered the hinterlands of the Gold Coast Colony in the late s, just after the operatiobs had been declared a British colony.

Causes and effects of galamsey in Ghana

Location GPS and site activity data collection How permission is gained and who to contact at a galamsey site was very key to the success of the investigations and had to be done is a cunning manner to avoid failures. Acquah — Hayford N. An overall total of individual galamsey operations observed is Ghxna fact, there is no single positive thing that is associated with galamsey operations in Ghana, not the process and even gana the end product.

Galamsey in Ghana has several negative effects. Username Password Remember Me Log in. The field data collection phase included field identification of galamsey operations, their GPS location, and site activity. In terms of their activity statuses, galamsey operations were found to be active, whilst ghanq and operations were respectively found to be semi-active and abandoned.


Prominent among communities hosting galamsey within the Amenfi Central district is: Information Services Department P. Acknowledgements The authors would like operatuons acknowledge the support of the Ghana Minerals Commission for their constructive contributions and invaluable directions. The total land size of the selected districts was 13, If this is not the height of impunity, then I do not know what else is.

The footprints of galamsey in Ghana: The Western Region under the microscope – IGC

Published online Mar 1. He explained that although the revenue opportunities are better, the work remains treacherous.

Operationally, the Alluvial Washing Board, Mill-House and Chamfi were found to be the three most popular and practiced galamsey types. It is the largest cause of domestic brain drain in Ghana. According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, a river is a wide flow of fresh water across the land into the sea, a lake or another river.

Distribution of galamsey types within the Prestea Huni Valley District. The district lies within the Kumasi Basin and partly within the Sefwi Gold belt with large deposit of alluvial gold within the Tano River, Ashire and Manse rivers basins [ 4457 ]. The subject matter has been discussed widely in view of the immediate and long-term effects on the environment, agriculture, ooperations and livelihoods as a whole.

Where entry permission is received, galamsey operators were asked questions concerning their personal and site histories, type of operation, activity status, resource use inventory and GPS points iperations taken. There are four forest reserves Opon-Manse, Bowie, Tonton and Angoben in the district with agriculture taking place at the subsistence level. Ghana’s Small-scale Miners Left behind. The tributaries of River Tano and River Ankobra in the communities are mined for alluvial gold within the two districts [ 615960 ].

Eleven 11 out of the twenty-two 22 metropolitan, municipal and districts assemblies MMDAs in the region was chosen for operrations study Fig. After gathering all the necessary information, a survey questionnaire was prepared to capture basic demographic characteristics of the communities hosting galamsey operations, GPS coordinates of galamsey site, type and organization of galamsey operation, status of the operation, land take estimates and visual assessment of environmental impacts.


These operations were observed in approximately different communities towns operatiojs villages within the 11 districts considered.

Locating and identifying galamsey operation can be an arduous task, due to their illegal, scattered, clandestine nature of some operationsaccess restrictions to some sitessafety and security challenges, and difficulty in distinguishing one from the other operations with similar spectral resolution and outlook. Trends in the small-scale mining of precious minerals in Ghana: Additionally, extensive damage to farm lands cocoa, rubber plantations, food crops etc.

A large number of workforce from Prestea and its environs are being recruited for the underground mining, instead of being left to pursue galamsey. Report on the Performance of the Mining Industry http: Discussions on formalization of galamsey and reclamation of the many reported wastelands are increasing [ 353637 ]. In spite of the high LSM numbers operating within the district, it was the third galamsey hot spot.

Anwona or Pit Dredging Pits, Suction Dredge, mercury, mercury, diesel, petrol and lubricants Operates within mini pit lakes or mine-out pits and require water 4.

Mining is a major economic activity in many developing countries. To limit confusion over which operation is illegal or legal, the operational attributes of the various galamsey types identified during the review [1] was very helpful.

The illegal ASM has infiltrated many mineralized district in Ghana and its operations are in many different forms [ 1121314 ]. Owusu-Nimob J. A total of galamsey sightings, of which were found in clusters corresponding to approximately individual operational units and in stand-alone mode.

The ArcGIS software was used to plot the GPS coordinates onto the respective base maps of the districts to observe their distribution patterns. Galamsey has assumed a status as one of the most talked about environmental issue and perhaps the greatest societal menace in Ghana today [ 1011 ].

Galamsey sites in Ghana are located near rivers and some near what used oeprations one be a blossoming forest areas full of trees that attracted rain and operztions down global warming. Galamsey Plunges Ghana into Water Crisis. Contributed reagents, materials, analysis tools or data; Wrote the paper.