Funjet Ultra Power Set – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: grams, 70 odd grams (too many stickers? The Funjet Ultra is the latest version of the very popular Funjet. Many have put the earlier Funjet through its paces. The. Multiplex Funjet Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Multiplex Funjet Building Instructions.

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Roll out of the throttle once you are certain you will hit your touchdown point, and simply “fly the plane” to ground. C – brushless motor Order No.

Got the notice this afternoon that mine has been delivered to my house. It’s not cheap, easy to manufacture beer cooler foam that can be bought in such large bulk. The multi-language instruction manual has very detailed pictures and includes a very nice step by step guide for each stage of the assembly process. Next, plug your motor into the ESC, and snake the wires thru the fuselage make sure the wires ride within the cable retainer.

Should your motor not be rotating the right direction, simply swap any two of the three wires connecting your motor to the ESC. Multiplex USA Manufactured by: They could have just kept the white Elapor and changed the decals.

Multiplex Funjet Manuals

If you find any part is not acceptable for any reason, we will readily correct or exchange it after we have checked it. Batteries in place, and ready to tear up the sky the FunJet shows right around watts on my trusty wattmeter We are constantly working on improving our models, and for this reason we must reserve the right to change the kit contents in terms of shape or dimensions of parts, technology, materials and fittings, without prior notification.

Installing the wings on the Ultra FunJet is a snap, and starts by seating the servos in their pre-formed servo bays on the underside of the wing. The KV Himax motor has a nice blue anodized finish and utilizes 3 bullet style connectors for ulta it to your ESC.


My wings were a bit of a tight fit, but after slipping the wing in and out a few times the foam loosened up a bit and formed a nice tight seal with the fuselage.

FD Pilot Registered User. For those of you who have built a Multiplex kit before, there won’t be manula surprises for you during the assembly of the FunJet Ultra.

Thanks for the review. Last edited by FD Pilot; Jun 30, at Thanks for the compliments everyone! Nothing is cooler in my opinion then bringing the FunJet down on a low hot pass, then just pointing it skyward and rolling it over and over again as it climbs turning into a tiny speck in the sky.

As with the rest of the kit, each piece is constructed from the grey colored, large celled Multiplex foam known as Elapor. Thousands of factors more durable and easier to repair, and it’s nice and stiff.

Finally secure the manuual motor assembly to the fuselage by screwing it into the fuhjet plastic mount on the rear of the fuselage.

That said, those of you with a bit less experience looking for something similar to the FunJet Ultra should have a quick look at the “regular” FunJet which this plane is based off of.

Examine your kit carefully! MULTIPLEX model kits are subject to constant quality manial throughout the production process, and we sincerely hope that you are completely satisfied with the contents of your lutra. Article By Don Shields Jun 30, More fun with Google Language Tools: Recommended components 2 x Nano Pro MG digi4 servo. It has the Funjet Ultra Power Set. The upgraded motor mount does not have the “position pin” located on lutra bottom side of the mount like the stock unit does so setting the thrust angle must be done by eye.

Channels Airplanes Electric Flight. At this point verify everything is tight, and that your prop is rotating in the right direction.


Multiplex FunJET Ultra EPP White (ARF)

Dec 13, Since we, as manufacturers, have no control over the construction, maintenance and operation of our products, we hereby expressly point out these hazards and emphasise your personal responsibility. Wingspan mm Fuselage length mm All-up weight approx. Well as it turns out, Multiplex was watching and listening to what folks were doing with their product, and low and behold the FunJet Ultra was born. Can’t wait to get it in the air.

Finishing the FunJet Ultra requires one to button up the installation of the decals, apply velcro to the floor of the fuselage for battery retention, set the models CG, and check the direction of the control surfaces travel and their throws.

Multiplex FunJet Ultra Review – RC Groups

The brushless motor, ESC, prop, prop adapter, motor mount and related instruction manuals come packaged inside their own box separate from the FunJet. Chubbum We can trim it out. How come nothing mentioned about the price in dislikes. Thunder Manua, 3s G6 65C Distributed by: The turtledeck requires the installation of a cable retainer and a bit of trimming before it’s glued onto the fuselage.

Please understand that we cannot entertain claims against us if the kit contents do not agree in every respect with the instructions and the illustrations.

Great review, looks like is flies great! Return to Foamies Kits. Quite simply put, I don’t think I’ve ever built something in such a short period of time that was capable of so much right out of the box. Mine which is built, but not flown yet, comes in at an AUW of 34oz g with a mAh battery. Not ,anual is the packing job really nice, Multiplex has done a great job in iltra the part count low.