Fuji Electric’s FRENIC series delivers dynamic torque-vector control, reduced motor instability at low speed, and online tuning. The G11S is designed for. This manual provides all the information on the FRENIC-Eco series of inverters Read this manual and the FRENIC-Eco Instruction Manual thoroughly before. Instruction Manual FRENIC G11S/P11S High-Performance, Low-Noise Inverter General-Purpose Industrial Machines Fans and Pumps.

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Fuji Electric, the manufacturer, provides a detailed list of installation parameters that should be followed to ensure that the device operates properly. Inverter protective functions that can invoke retry function. The restart operation switches to alarm mode when the retry count exceeds the value set in “H04 Retry count.

Count frenlc in H04 count. When the retry function manuap selected, operation automatically restarts depending on the cause of the trip stop. W hen retry succeeded.

FRNG11S-4 In Stock! Fuji Electric Frenic G11 | 3PH V Hz 9A Frenic Inverter FRN37G11S4

To perform initialization, press the and keys together to set 1, then press the key. If the cause of the alarm still remains, the protective function is reactivated according to the wait time set in “H05 Retry waiting time. High Performance functions H: The machine should be designed to ensure safety during a restart as accident may result.


Designated trademarks, brand names and brands appearing herein are the property of their respective owners.


Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable. If the cause of the alarm has been removed at this time, the inverter starts without switching to alarm mode. Heat sink overheating OL2: To not use the retry function, set 0 frenoc “H04 Retry count.

W ait time 0.

Output ranges are accompanied by a frequency range anywhere from 0. When this control is not selected, the cooling fan rotates continually. The cooling fan operating status can be monitored from terminals Y1 to Manula. Contact Us sales axcontrol.

The set values of all functions are initialized. This function returns all function data changed by the customer to the factory setting trenic. A number of factory parts, like packing machines, water pumps, and automatic doors, can benefit from inversion drives like this.

Learn more about our exchange credit program. This three phase inverter can be applied to a number of general purpose motor activities.

Request a Quote Request Repair. While power is applied to the inverter, the automatic fan control detects the temperature of the cooling fan in the inverter and turns the fan on or off.

Warning – Fuji Bikes FRENIC 5000G11S/P11S User Manual

Voltages coming into and leaving FRN3. When the inverter protective function which invokes the. W aiting time H Inverter inside overheating OLU: Automatic release command of protective function. When the value of “H04 Retry count ,” is set from 1 to 10, an inverter run command is immediately entered following the wait time set in H05, “Retry wait time ,” and the startup of the retry operation. Set the protective function release count and waiting time from its operation startup to release.


A complete installation and safety guide is available in the Frenic G11 series manual as well as the device datasheet. This ftenic is capable of producing a voltage output ranging between V and Vwhile the maximum output voltage the drive can produce rates manuwl V.

Motor 2 overload OH3: To receive current prices on all parts and repairs, please contact our office by phone or email. The front mounted keypad is detachable, allowing for remote operation of this device.

The set value in H03 automatically returns to 0 following the end of initialization. Drive efficiency is integrated into the system, allowing for a wide array of uses. This website is not sanctioned or approved by any manufacturer or tradename listed.

RESET the times of auto-reset. Remote access to the drive ffenic a feature of the overall design. Copyright – AX Control Inc. Motor 1 overload OH1: An onboard dynamic torque vector control intelligently determines the motor output required for a specific load.

Originally, technical support was provided by Fuji Electric.