Taking it down a whole ‘nother level, Will and Chester journey to the center of the earth in FREEFALL. By the authors of the NEW YORK TIMES Bestseller. Freefall [Roderick Gordon, Brian Williams] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After DEEPER, can the TUNNELS adventure be any more. Freefall (Tunnels: Book 3). Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams Will Burrows and his gang are far from finished as they free-fall down a subterranean pore.

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And even though the first book is slower Thant the rest it still was one of the best books I’ve read freeefall whole series is a rise to the climax and this book will never let the action die so to conclude yes keep reading this series I encourage you to.

Freefall (Tunnels: Book 3)

After Will rodercik helped himself to various weapons from the armoury in the shelter, they manage to get an outboard engine to work, and attach it to a launch. It is definitely a tween level book. Freefall was released on 4 May in the U. Return to Book Page.

Feb 11, Grant B rodefick it it was amazing. After Will and the others come to the center of the Earth, where will they go next?

Drake makes it Topsoil, where he tries to get in contact with former members from his anti-Styx cell, but finds they have been killed. I personally think this book was great until the ending, when the surroundings of the “second sun” place was so similar to “topsoil” life, it has a lack of imagination and mystery.

In the subsequent explosion, Will and his father are separated from Chester, Elliott, Martha and Bartleby, while the Rebecca twins and the surviving Limiter seek refuge in the Russian submarine, which is knocked down the giant hole it was in by the explosion. In addition, the descriptions and actions are also captivating.


After locating the submarine, they search for any surviving Styx.

There are more exotic fdeefall too! Now that the Urban Fantasy is back with more focus of the plot in the Topsoil, and the element of the old Science Theories, things getting much interesting now like the first half of book one, yet it still could be better told in less than pages.

Assisted by Will, Dr. Then there are another separations, a short trip to Topsoil, the appearances of the characters freefaall the previous books, and finally, another cliffhanger.

Elliott explains that her father was a Limiter and her mother was a Colonist. Burrows, they somehow look like children. Burrows, although that’s not how I expected from a father and his son’s reunion.

I am very curious how these 2 authors carry it out. Burrows references throughout the first and second books, but it makes a lot more sense as the authors describe it. Then there follows a parting of the ways as Mrs Burrows freefa,l on the surface with Drake. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Following a period of editing, Barry republished it as Tunnels in July As they finally set off from the submarine, the second Rebecca twin makes her appearance with Dr Burrows and the two Limiters.

After intense media interest around its launch, Tunnels was published in almost forty countries and was a New York Times Bestseller, achieving sales of more than a million copies worldwide.

FreeFall (Tunnels, book 3) by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams

My favorite part, though would have to be once they get to the very center in which is contained a second sun. In the subsequent explosion, Will and his father are separated from Chester, Elliott, Martha and Bartleby, while the Rebecca twins and the surviving Limiter seek refuge in the Russian submarine. One of the Rebeccas and a Limiter approach Will’s father, Dr. Contrary to a number of erroneous comments in the media, Freefall was not the final novel in the Tunnels series, and the fourth book, Closerwas published by Chicken House in the UK on 3 May Burrows is captured and taken to the Colony where she is Darklit being casted by Styx by the Dark Light.


Burrows is still alive and recovering her senses slowly. I just freefxll wait until I get to goron the next book in this amazing series! The mission fails, as Mrs. Science Fiction Subterranean fiction Lost World. Overall, I did enjoy every character’s actions. Use dmy dates from March Pages to import images to Wikidata.

It wasn’t the way I would have hoped the book to end, I was expecting a bit more than just some “n I really enjoyed reading this book. I am getting the fourth book in 12 days, exactly, and it is driving me crazy! Drake, with help from a squad of former SAS soldiers, devises a plan to trap one of the leading Styx, the “old Styx”, using Mrs. The characters’ personalities in this book are stronger too. Just when it appears as if all is lost, Elliott recovers and says that she is half-Styx.