Here is a Phasing Rundown put forth by AP author, John Magnus: Pre-Rundown. 1. Take a few deep breaths to realx your body and mind. Think to yourself. View the profiles of people named Frank Kepple. Join Facebook to connect with Frank Kepple and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to. One of those I was lucky to meet in person was Frank Kepple. Frank has been a legend in his own life time – certainly on Astral Pulse and had.

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I was just doing a bit of research on Focus 12 and I wanted to share this wonderful gem of a post.

frank kepple | ousness

I suppose we could call this the ‘Wider Physical’. This is a bit of information that I just recently figured out myself by looking at my ideas at how the Astral and the Wider Reality is actually formed. If the problem persists contact Find A Grave. Focus 4 occupies no space, yet it encompasses our whole physical universe. No post-mortem photos Read full frajk. Now, I have it on good authority that it IS possible to ‘travel’ between Trans-Dimensional areas; when I say travel I mean actual physical travel.

During the process it all seems perfectly natural. Each physical reality has a Focus 1, obviously, because physical reality is Focus 1.

I appreciate your audio expertise, but there is also a point of psychic skill going on with the reading.


You see, when you switch your Primary Focus, all subjective interaction with your physical body is stopped. Harath, where are you, I can’t frannk a darned thing.

Frank Kepple Archives – Unlimited Boundaries

There are billions of people on the mid to upper branches all interacting with each other in an objective sense, just as we all do within the physical. Each level was identified from the mental impressions presented that Monroe categorised and labelled, so that others could follow in his work and duplicate his experiences. And at the core of all this activity, you’ll find dynamic discussions taking place via a regularly visited and updated message board Bring to mind something that you love immensely.

Ultimately, sampling F4 consciousness can be a very rewarding experience when you get it right. I believe Frank’s new model is of critical importance and deserves to be promoted.

These ‘upper areas’ of Focus 3, where people are happily free of dogmatic beliefs, are the ffrank labelled Focus 27 by Monroe. The last line there about making Snap-Judgments is also very important. While they can communicate by talking like we do, they are also in touch with each other on a telepathic or mind-to-mind level as well.

But technology moves on, our understanding widens, and this topic is no different. Just use your imagination and go with the flow.

The Frank Kepple Resource

Anyway, give the link a click and read up. Where the heck are we?


Projectors often talk about ‘reality fluctuations’ when involved in a RTZ projection. Then, towards the upper branches of the F3 ekpple, which equates to Monroe’s F27 label, you have the free thinking areas where people are most well balanced and have no fundamentalist mindsets, or warped desires to kill babies with chainsaws.

Frank James Kepple

I popped back to physical, threw on some clothes, walked down the road to the bakery to check and there was the van. But this is to be thought of, again, as not absolutely fixed in stone. Focus 1 keppl In depth: Dreaming is done mostly in the Focus keppke state. Okay, so as my attention becomes fixated within, from the act of noticing, this causes a degree phase shift between my awareness of the physical outer and my awareness of the non-physical inner sense of reality.

Personally, i find the material itself clunky and lacking in insight. The only difference is in your objective perception of your surroundings in terms of where, along your consciousness continuum, you are focusing your attention.

At some point in his experience, Ekpple was able to determine the profound truth, that there is no separation within consciousness.