In fact, the author of Imperium does more than even Spengler attempted — he defines and . Francis Parker Yockey completed Imperium. The formidable task of. Francis Parker Yockey (18 September – 16 June ) was an American philosopher and polemicist, best known for his neo-Spenglerian book Imperium. Francis Parker Yockey (—), alias Ulick Varange, was an American Nazi His book Imperium: The Philosophy of History and Politics.

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The Colchester Collection makes no claim to copy protections on the copyrighted works of others. The kind of book many people read because they think they’re expected to, that having suffered through it, they gain some intellectual stature, and bear the scars of their trial by endurance proudly.

ZyklonBen rated it it was amazing Jan 21, Yockey was born in ChicagoIllinoisthe youngest of four siblings, [5] but his family returned to their original homestead in Ludington, Michigan during the Great Depression.

The War of Secession, Chapter The American Revolution of Chapter Artur rated it it was amazing Aug 19, To ask other readers questions about Imperiumplease sign up.

Francis Parker Yockey’s Imperium | Counter-Currents Publishing

This page book argues for a race-based, totalitarian path for the preservation of Western culture. Many works published by the Colchester Collection are in the Public Domain.

Nation and History Chapter Writing after WW-2, Yockey wanted to revive the core ideas and worldview of National Socialism without actually calling himself a neo-Nazi or mentioning Hitler by name. Yockey also met Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasserand wrote anti-Zionist propaganda on behalf of the Egyptian government, seeing the pan-Arab nationalist movement as another ally to challenge “the Jewish-American power.


Although best remembered today as a writer, Yockey was active with many far-Right causes around the world throughout his adu Francis Parker Yockey was an American political thinker and polemicist best known for his neo-Spenglerian book Imperiumpublished under the pen name Ulick Varange in A magisterial work of matchless prose, with historical insight on every page, it skewers Allied wartime propaganda, and philosophizes with a hammer in favor of a coming Western empire of “absolute politics.

Is it a kind of Spengler fan-fic? This article needs additional citations for verification.

Imperium by Francis Parker Yockey

However, while Spengler opposed fascism, seeing the “age of Caesarism” as the final death rattle of the declining Western civilization, Yockey viewed it as the West’s potential salvation from the forces that would kill it, advocating the unification of Europe within an authoritarian or fascist form of government also a position taken by Oswald Mosley in the post-war years.

Yockey himself did not have a very significant influence on the American Right, however, which, throughout the Cold Warfor the most part remained staunchly anti-Communist and liberal. The earthly task is merely the form of the higher task, its organic vehicle. The critiques of Marx, Darwin and Freud are masterful, as well as the chapters on genius and world outlook and Amerika.

Published December 1st by Legion for the Survival of Freedom. Unless explicitly noted otherwise, all content licensed as indicated by RationalWiki: Wermod and Wermod Publishing Group.

External links Twitter Facebook Discord. The Law of Political Plenum Chapter When the authorities opened it to determine whose suitcase it was, they discovered several of Yockey’s falsified passports and birth certificates.


Imperium: The Philosophy of History and Politics

Introduction to Part II Chapter League of Nations Chapter What’s interesting about Yockey is that in the mid-late s, he’s doing what so many alt-right types do today holding out a dream of some kind of alliance with a non- or post-Communist Russia in the hope that “traditional” Orthodox culture and Russian nationalism will provide a backbone for a Western rejection of modernity and those carefully unnamed culture-destroyers.

Lives rated it it was amazing Sep 10, The American Nazi Party of George Lincoln Rockwellfor example, rejected Yockey on the basis of his anti-American attitude, as well as his willingness to work with anti-Zionist Communist governments and movements, as the ANP adhered solely to the ideals of absolute anti- Bolshevist National Socialism, as had been advocated by Hitler.

Parkdr, what to say about “Imperium”? Aryan Rose rated it it was amazing Jun 04, The 20th Century Political Outlook Chapter Francis Parker Yockey September 18, — June 16, was an American attorneypolitical philosopherand polemicist best known for his neo- Spenglerian book Imperium: No other work in defense of the West possesses the eloquence, erudition, passion and mystique of Imperium.

The Articulation of a Culture Chapter