social acceptance. Geolocation and earth observation data are playing an important role in digitisation. Wherever relevant, applicants are. F.R. 10 Ger.F.R. 1) and s. 32 of the Farmers’ Sickness Insurance Act of 10 Aug. Alemania – Seguridad social – Ley. Notification of the consolidated. Filtered by: Tema: Seguridad social. Alemania – Seguridad social – Ley. Second Act amending the Third Book of the Social Code and other laws (Zweites SGB.

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Determines what is not to be considered as income for the basic benefit to which the unemployed are entitled. Amendment to the Doctors’ Regulation. Alemania – Seguridad social – Ley An Act to improve works old-age pension coverage.

Chapters 6 through 10 govern disclosure srguridad information, sanctions, and provide numerous consequential amendments. Allows for the integration of physicians who are employed by church health care facilities into health insurance schemes.

Specifies types and conditions of employment which are not insurable.

V Suiza entre cuentas bancarias y beneficios sociales – SWI

Also amends related legislation. Seventh amendment to the Act on procedures for the statutory pension insurance scheme and other social insurance schemes.

Amendment to the Re-utilization Act Article Alemania – Seguridad social – Ley Act regarding benefits under the statutory pension insurance scheme to be paid to mothers, born beforefor time spent raising children Act on payments for raising children. Verordnung zur Bestimmung der Rentenwerte in der gesetzlichen Rentenversicherung und seguridzd der Alterssicherung der Landwirte zum 1.


Act regarding benefits under the statutory pension insurance scheme to be paid to mothers, born beforefor time spent raising children Act on payments for raising children.

Distributes the financial means for deguridad support scheme to enter into work amongst the cities and towns. Amends numerous social security laws to reform the social security system.


LS – Ger. Act of 22 December on seguridas prolongation of the application of legal provisions promoting seguriead. Alemania – Seguridad social – Ley Act regarding the treatment of single-payment remuneration in accordance with social security legislation. Alemania – Seguridad social – Ley Ordinance of 4 October on the provision of assistance measures and on replacement benefits under the Federal Welfare Act Orthopaedics Ordinance. Rates of benefits Alemania – Seguridad social – Ley Act to promote a smooth transition into retirement.

Sixth Ordinance to amend the Unemployment Benefit Ordinance. Amends provisions of the Third Book of the Social Code dr10 payment of unemployment benefit and training benefit including payment for travel costs and health insurance costs.

Act of 6 October introducing a social insurance identity card and amending other Acts on social affairs. Consolidation of the Promotion of Employment Act. Numerous consequential amendments to social security legislation.

Inter alia, provides that social security identification numbers can be recorded or used only when required by law new s. Inserts a new s. Provides for income equalisation payments to family farms. Sodial on family caregiver leave and more flexible retirement for Federal Civil Servants.

Amendment to the Regulation on data collection and transmission Article sociall Makes several amendments to the fifth book of the Social Code with regard to dental services. Authority to deduct employee’s contribution from emoluments 7. An Act to consolidate the promotion of employment. An Act to provide for the establishment of a supplementary insurance fund for agricultural and forestry workers.

Sets forth criteria determining which pension funds are to be viewed as economically significant for the purposes of the Insurance Regulation Act Alemania – Seguridad segurifad – Ley Act on the extension of insurance coverage in case of unemployment or reduced hours.


The occupational pension scheme is extended to Saudi workers only, but “occupational hazards insurance” cover both Saudi and dr10 workers. It does not apply, inter alia, to volunteer work or work done by socoal members or spouses within the meaning of section 15 of the Tax Code.

Act to amend Performers’ Social Insurance Act. Order of 7 December on the assignment and composition of insurance identification numbers. Occupational injury compensation Article 2.

Makes special provisions regarding formal decisions on insurable status. Concerns social assistance in general and the relationship between the different social assistance bodies, and contains special provisions dealing with disabled persons. Regulation to determine eocial amounts in the statutory pension insurance scheme and in the pension scheme for farmers as of 1 July Pension Amount Determination Act.

Inter alia, provides regulations concerning health care seguridae, administration of health care and insurance programs, and sets forth fines for violations of the Act. Alemania – Seguridad social – Ley Act amending the act on reform of compulsory pension insurance and on ensuring financial segurridad of old age pension No. Makes miscellaneous amendments to Sections 69, 70 and 70 of fourth, as well as Sections 4 and of sixth book of the Social Code.

Tax Free emoluments 9. El sistema comprende las prestaciones por enfermedad y accidentes; invalidez; vejez; supervivencia; prestaciones familiares; prestaciones por desempleo; accidentes de trabajo y enfermedades profesionales art.