For Matrimonial Purposes [Kavita Daswani] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Anju wants a husband. Equally important, her entire family. Buy *For Matrimonial Purposes* online, For Matrimonial Purposes Kavita Daswani Plume Paperback pages. June rated 4 1/2 of 5 possible stars . Spirited, elegant, fun, with an enchanting authorial voice, For Matrimonial Purposes – a first novel which was the subject of a fierce international auction – is a.

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Daswani describes the matrimonial process, though, makes it clear that women get a very raw deal, evaluated first on their appearance—height, weight preferably low daseani, and skin tone preferably light —and then on their behavior—ideally, sweet, quiet, modest, and submissive.

Discover what to read next. I liked this feroine but I just could not love this book, as much as I tried. There were light-hearted moments and funny moments, of course.

Apr 12, Judi Maylone rated it liked it Shelves: Consider this gem on p. Jangan berharap ada kisah romantis antara tokoh utama dengan seseorang. Semuanya tampak seperti kebelet nikah. Ia pkrposes hidupnya tertekan karena suara sumbang dari semua saudara-saudaranya, bahkan kedua orang tuanya karena sampai seumur tersebut ia belum mempunyai pendamping.

For Matrimonial Purposes — book review

That all Indian husbands do not passionately love their wives. It was sort of a fun read. Cinta mungkin didapatkan hari ini. This book has a wonderful build up but ends too quickly.

Equally important, her entire family purposed Anju to have a husband. She si Very quick, easy-read, but the main character, Anju, got on my last nerves. But this was a little too over the top. The perfect boy is the one who has a good job, good family, does not have any bad habits, is rich and yes, is obviously an Indian.


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For Matrimonial Purposes

I want you to be married,” after Anju announces her desire for true love. The only flaw in this heady, cardamom-flavored confection is the rushed happy ending, which leaves readers hankering for more details.

By presenting us with a protagonist with one foot in Dswani York and the other in Bombay, we may see a bit more of ourselves in Anju’s experience than we’re comfortable with.

Lots of great visuals in this one, as if it were written for a future Single Girl Comedy, but the storytelling is much more telling than showing: For me, Anju is one of the msot annoying characters I’ve ever read and she’s told old not to know what she wants and how to obtain it. All the married Indian girls do not work and the only worry they have is from where to hire the third maid.


It was the carpet statements that suggested that all Indian girls get married when they turn The book makes clear the importance of marriage and getting married at a young age, a basic fact of life for most Indians, whether boys or girls. May 26, Elisheva Rina rated it did not like it. I think it kavits a really good book. There were some moments where I wanted to smack the heroine, but-objectively, at least- I know that her actions were motivated by a different cultural upbringing than my own.

Approaching 40, Anju flits back and forth between “Umrica” and her parents in India, looking for the perfect mate. Feb 26, Janice rated it liked it.


Kata orang, begitu kau sibuk dengan pekerjaan, teman-teman, atau kegiatan lain selain kisah cinta, pria atau wanita impianmu akan datang memasuki hidupmu. Saying stuff about Pakistan and other muslim countries like India is any better I literally rolled my eyes when she mentioned in passing how her parents were no I haven’t read more superficial book than this one in ages!

And, yes, this certainly isn’t the type of novel that is going to deeply move you or offer profound insight into Indian culture.

It is just chick lit! The end felt rushed, and just as Anju is beginning to broaden her horizons, beginning to grow and change and adapt to non-conservative, non-traditional ideas view spoiler [her would-be boyfriend proposes to her after all, hide spoiler ] defeating the whole point of the last ten pages of the story and negating half of Anju’s character growth.

For Matrimonial Purposes by Kavita Daswani

First and foremost, he has to be Indian. However, the aforementioned criticisms are a little harsh. Toward the end of the book, Anju finally gets her man, but is disappointed that he wants to get to know her and fall in love before marriage.

Okay, I can’t defend the chick lit part. Other reviews have listed two purposss problems with this book: Surely she wouldn’t want to leave that wonderful independence back at JFK and actually start cleaning up after herself at home in Bombay? But, when opportunity presents itself, she turns it down.