Mohamed Choukri born on July 15, and died on November 15, , was a Moroccan author and novelist. I first read Mohamed Choukri’s memoir For Bread Alone when I was working on A Basket of Leaves. I considered using it as one of the books I. Mohamed Choukri’s autobiographical novel For Bread Alone describes a bleak childhood and youth in Morocco.

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The author had to reduce it first to Moroccan Arabic for me.

One of the most widely read modernist novels in the Arab world. For Bread Alone was written in classical Arabic, but translated via colloquial Moroccan with the assistance of the author. Novel and Nation in the Muslim World: As I leafed through it, the language looked clean and solid, but it took only a aloen paragraphs to see that this is a book with a high potential for giving offense. Views Read Edit View history. Bowles wrote, five years after the publication of For Bread Alone: To what extent does he represent his abjection as an extension of colonial exploitation?

May 24, breaf He was raised in a very poor family. Trace the motif of imprisonment in the text. It was said to have offended by its references to teenage sexual experiences and drug abuse. Choukri’s memories take him from famine in the Rif to Tangier and Oran, a world of crime, paid-for chou,ri and of living poor But things are no better there.


For Bread Alone (al-Khubz al-Hafi) by Mohamed Choukri

Notify me of new comments via email. But the Choukri-Bowles collaboration is an extreme case for several reasons.

So they built a door on the inside of their house from rocks and clay, locking themselves in until they died. Rather, he preferred to adapt the text to his ideas choukrii Morocco and who the character was, rather than asking the Moroccans themselves, just how do they experience Morocco and just what do they think?

Most fof his siblings die, of neglect or starvation or abuse, but he survives the beatings of his father, the pangs of hunger, and the dangers of the street. I don’t talk about politics or religion. He decided to leave Tangier in year of the independence of Morocco and went to Laracheentering a primary school at the age of At that moment, my mohamef became committed.

Fleeing drought and starvation in the Rif, his family moves to Tangier and then Tetuan. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

For Bread Alone (Mohamed Choukri) – book review

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Quotations from the author: But pointing toward a different horizon of expecations is important, as even much smaller changes in tone and wording can have a broad effect.


He entered the Ecole Normale and became a schoolteacher. Also, sexuality is positioned very differently in the two texts. It is here, during a short spell in a filthy Moroccan jail, that a fellow inmate kindles Mohamed’s life-altering love of literature.

Translation and Expectation: Which ‘For Bread Alone’ Are You Reading? – ArabLit

Retrieved from ” https: Bowles’s prolific career included many musical compositions, novels, collections of short stories, and books of travel, poetry, and translations. Prior to his death he provided for his servant of almost 22 years. Using only undemonstrative prose, and asking for no special sympathy, Choukri conveys the experience of struggling to survive in a harsh world of dusty streets and unforgiving sunlight. See also In TangierTelegram Books,for all three in one volume.

Choukri’s first writing was bred in Al-adab monthly review of Beirut in[1] a story entitled “Al-Unf ala al-shati” “Violence on the Beach”.

August External links: Driven by famine from their home in the Brewd, Mohamed’s family walks to Tangier in search of a better life. He tries to eat dead chickens and fish that he finds, and when someone drops a sandwich into seawater thick with sewage, he dives in after it.