Mohamed Choukri born on July 15, and died on November 15, , was a Moroccan author and novelist. I first read Mohamed Choukri’s memoir For Bread Alone when I was working on A Basket of Leaves. I considered using it as one of the books I. Mohamed Choukri’s autobiographical novel For Bread Alone describes a bleak childhood and youth in Morocco.

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He was buried on November 17 at the Marshan cemetery in Tangierwith the audience of the Minister of Culture, numerous government officials, personalities and the spokesman of the King of Morocco.

For example, has the work been received differently in Morocco, Lebanon, France, U. An enjoyable and worthwhile read.

He ran away from his tyrannical father and became a homeless child living in the poor neighborhoods of Tangiersurrounded by misery, prostitution, violence and drug abuse.

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His last will and testament, in which he left his entire estate to a foundation that was to be run jointly by five presidents: While some blamed “intimidation from Islamist militants, which the government does little to prevent,” in fact, the Egyptian government engaged in book banning in that period on a wide scale.

Those people judge my works as depraved. And any translator and author may well differ in how they read the book and how they understand what makes a good literary work. At the age of twenty he decided to learn to read and write classical Arabic.

His explicitness about some of his sexually tinted experiences was largely condemned by religious and conservative forces in Morocco and abroad. They did not want to beg their neighbors for food.

He entered the Ecole Normale and became a schoolteacher.


For Bread Alone – Words Without Borders

He decided to leave Tangier in year of the independence of Morocco and went to Laracheentering a primary school at the age of For Bread Alone is a superficially sordid story, but it is told in a matter-of-fact way, using sparse, simple language and dialogue, and the thoughts and experiences of the down-and-out Mohamed seem entirely natural.

I don’t talk about politics or religion. How many times does Choukri find himself locked inside a room? At these times, to eat, I compered the garbage. This site uses cookies. For Bread Alone ends with Mohamed’s decision to learn how to read and write, inspired by a chance meeting in prison — and he went on to become a writer and a lecturer in Arabic literature.

For one thing, he was afraid that the government might stop funding his expensive cancer treatment if he gave away the rights to his work to a foreign entity. For me, writing is a protest, not a parade. In my books, there’s nothing against the regime. Bowles wrote, five years after the publication of For Bread Alone: In the end, Tanoukhi argues, the two works were no longer sisters, but perhaps cousins separated at birth and raised on separate continents. Choukri’s first writing was published in Al-adab monthly review of Beirut in[1] a story entitled “Al-Unf ala al-shati” “Violence on the Beach”.

For Bread Alone

Choukri’s kohamed, ultimately indomitable spirit is most touching and human. The loss of innocence is not only sexual but also experiential.

It is an urban pain where every day “the alleys swallow me up and spew me out. His family name choukrj is connected to the name Ayt Chiker which is the Berber tribe cluster he belonged to before fleeing hunger to Tangier.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The film aloe at the forr edition of the Festival of Casablanca in Choukri’s irrepressible, ultimately indomitable spirit is most touching and human.


Back in Tangier in the s, he continued to go to bars and brothels and began to write his personal story in Arabic with explicitness and detail. He tries to eat dead chickens and fish that he finds, and when someone drops a sandwich into seawater thick with sewage, he dives in after it. On moving to another province Mohamed learns how to charm and steal, and discovers the joys of drugs, sex and alcohol.

This narrative is grounded in direct experience and the immediate concerns of everyday existence.

At the age of 20, he decided to learn how to read and tor and became later a schoolteacher. Mohamed Choukri was born in the Rif more precisely Had, Bni Chiker during a famine, in a poor family with many children and a violent father. I cannot write about the milk of birds, the gentle stranglehold of the angelic beauty, grasps of dew, the cascade of lions, slone heavy breast of females. About the Author Mohamed Choukri is one of North Africa’s most controversial and widely read authors.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Blood pours out of the mouth. Driven by famine from their home in the Rif, Mohamed’s family walks to Tangier in search of a better life. The European ones preferably, because there were richer. Morocco portal Biography portal Novels portal. Securing his literary legacy was of the utmost importance to Choukri, but the promises that were made to him were not kept: The father is sacred in the Arabic-Muslim society.