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The reliefs on this bronze gate, which was consturcted by Andrea Pisano, depict the life San Giovanni Batista, and eight Christian Merits are depicted on below reliefs. Neslihan K dedi ki: The most important area of the baptistery are its gates. Throughout the Middle Age, this square was the centre of the city, just like today. A platform in this area includes a sculpture named The Rape of the Floransz Women, describing three naked human figures.

Here we observed the replica of this gate. There is a sculpture of Cellini, a jewellery master, on the bridge. This place is a U-shaped outdoor museum that contains mime artists street painters. Cathedral was opened to worship O sebeple normal bilet alarak devam ettim.

The Gate of Heaven was heavily damaged throughout the flood in After the death of Giotto two years later, the campanile could not be completed till Medici family used this way to get their summer palaces.


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However the sculptures have much more importance than the Fountain in Florence. There are also a lot of padlocks hanging around the iron bars of the sculpture. There are 12 signs of the zodiac on the floor. They paid much attention in culture and art. Mehmet bey paylasimlarinizdan birinde annenizin facebook tan sizi takip ettigi ve yasadiginiz olumsuzluklari paylasamadiginizdan bahsetyiniz Ileride bunlarida derleyip paylasacak misiniz ve kitap ve yazmak dusunuyor musunuz?

Only the construction of the exterior side of the cathedral took years. Some of the buildings have the signs indicating the water level when River Arna flooded in Then we reached Piazzale degli Uffizi.

This process was surprised us a lot, because we had not seen such a process in any other European country. Interior side of cathedral is much simpler than the exterior.

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This gate, florxnsa of competely godlen, was constructed rehbberi Lorenzo Gilbert in 25 years. Despite their richness, they could not buy one of that houses and had to circle around the house. Tren bileti 8 euro. Luks arayasiniz yoksa olbir ogunu euroya cikarirsiniz. The south gate made of bronze is original. People say that water level was about meters. This bridge has been linkin the two sides of the city for five centuries.

It is possible to observe the paintings of famous artists such as Leonardo, Boticelli and Rafael. Biz de kendimiz gidiyoruz genelde. Some of the ten panels were dropped, but was put on again later.


This place is called Piazza erhberi Douma and this is the third largest cathedral of the world. The palace of Medici family is located at one corner of this square.

All of the sculptures in Florence are completely naked. We reached Santa Maria del Fiore passing through few streets hosting world-famous brands. There are many ceramic and porcelain galleries on the other side of the river.

This platform also contains a lion sculpture stepping on the world that again symbolizes the power. The artisans made also their own porteits within medallions on the gates. Yurtdisina cikanlar icin bir yazim olacak yakinda. Zorluk yasayacak bir sey yok. Florence is one of the most important Renaissance towns with its cathedrals, allies and broad squares, sculptures locating everywhere you go, museums and Ponte Vecciho Bridge.

That is why Medici family moved all the sellers away and placed jewellery sellers into these shops.