Dentist Joseph Strauss leaves Prussia in the spring of and follows Captain of Dragoons Karl Eitel Friedrich Zephyrinus Ludwig von. Filip Florian. general Author: Filip Florian. Genre: Novel Romanian title: Zilele regelui; Translated by Alistair Ian Blyth. – Return to top of the. Filip Florian was born in Bucharest, on May 16, From through His third novel, Zilele regelui / Days of the King (Iaşi: Polirom. ), was awarded.

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Twenty of Romania’s most influential and When she had gone some twenty paces, the doctor abandoned looking at the regeuli of harness laid out on shelves and hanging from hooks, and strolled on. It was as though he too was waiting to be rid of painful gums.

Filip Florian

They had a very poetic style which was beautifully descriptive and well-written. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Therefore, after reading and re-reading the same passages for clarity, I started skimming. Trzymam kciuki za Angelusa!

But I appreciated his innovations in this novel, like the cat whic I appreciate it very much for the perspective of my city Bucharest and the country at the beginning of modern Romania s to s. He sees a family painting a house, and the book goes on to describe them in great detail — down to the moles on the girl’s back exposed when her shirt lifts when she raises her arm to paint — and then they’re gone Someone recommended this book to me, and I wanted to love it, but it just didn’t happen for me.

An understanding of Prussian and Romanian history will help too. War is imminent in central Europe, but the company of a special tomcat, a guardian ange. The global economic crisis impacts life as we know it, and viewed from Bucharest the effects reverberate in domains that include geo-politics and publishing in Romania and abroad, with the crisis at The Observer Translation Project as an instance of a universal phenomenon. Joseph, who very well understood that he was not in mid-air, but for all that believed he was in flight, withdrew his hand from hers and sought something in the pocket of his waistcoat.

It was the ending however, regeli tacked on that extra half star for me because of what Joseph was willing to do for his largely estranged friend. O calatorie interesanta in perioada regelui Carol I alaturi de Joseph Strauss, dentistul, si simpaticul sau motan, Siegfried, care ne foorian si o alta latura a monarhiei in spatiul romanesc. As the overseer of the houses of Theodore Nikolic of Rudna was inattentive to the comings and goings of the nanny, flogian more concerned with carafes of red wine, with keeping the woodpile full, with sleeping, with repairing the zklele and window shutters, with the haunches of the kitchen women, with the condition of the stallions in the stables, and with how the dice fell when he played backgammon or shot craps, for handsome sumsElena often found reasons to go out of the gate, inventing and lying more than she had in the last ten years put together.

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It was also then, around the middle of the month, that they profited from the feast of St Elijah, and took shelter in the courtyard of the Stavropoleos Church Inn, sitting on some peeled logs, where she stuffed zilrle head with the virtues, travails and good deeds of the Prophet, also describing to him a few Serbian customs, above all those vlorian to plum brandy and beekeeping. On 10 Maywhen Prince Carol I is crowned King of Romania, Siegfried the tomcat, performing a further miracle, his last, manages to reconcile his masters and to elucidate the situation.

The brief description and the glorious cover art intrigued me. La un cu totul alt nivel, acesta este intr-o masura si romanul unei deveniri, anume cea a adevaratului personaj principal, dr.

He felt a dreadful pain in his chest, it was suffocating him, but he managed to imbibe enough of the burning air of the afternoon, when Elena did not try to discover the recipe for the tea, but embraced him, tightly, more tightly than when he had wept between her dugs.

Most of the time the stories are good but the writing is always so fairy tale like. From the description of the finance issues surrounding the building of the Romanian railro Reading like a long fairy tale, Florian’s novel is translated from Romanian and, even with the helpful notes in the back, will have your reaching for your atlas and, if you have it, a book of maps of modern European wars as a history minor with geeky friends, I do have one!

When at last they meet again, at the front, on the eve of a battle in the war against the Turks, he prefers to remain silent.

The Days of the King

Vasile Ernu Translated by: Someone recommended this book to me, and I wanted to love it, but it just didn’t happen for me. And they did not hurry. As noted above i have no idea of the precise reason but I incline to believe that it is simply a case of language incompatibility and if the author were to write directly in English he would tell the story quite differently than in this translation that tries to be lavish in language and succeeds only to be laborious and quite dense in a negative sense on many occasions.

But unbeknownst to him, she has given birth to a baby boy with a suspiciously aristocratic nose. There are so many details and similes that I couldn’t figure out what the important details were. He’s not part of the court or anything, but remains in frequent contact with the prince, and their lives continue to overlap as they adjust to their new homeland, their roles in it, and, for example, founding families.


Oct 05, Carol rated it liked it. Entering after lunch, Miss Dukovic, who was wearing a beige hat and had just folded her parasol, came across a sleeping tomcat, with one white ear, one black, lolling on the chair with a single leg. Moreover, knowing that the Prince shuns behind-the-scenes intrigues, he takes him to Linca, a blind prostitute, making sure that his identity will never be discovered.

Personajul e perfect construit si fixat, credibil, dilema pe care o traieste la un moment dat si disponibilitatea-i lforian a-si risca mariajul doar pentru a pastra un secret incomod in primul rand pentru el, mai putin pentru cel care e fllorian de secret si n-are habar dand o masura a caracterului sau mai mult decat corect, loial, dispus la sacrificii.

And it was caressed at leisure, lightly, with the tips of the fingers, with fingers florrian, with the forehead, with the nose, with the chin. Where was the plot? Florian spune o poveste frumoasa si simpla, documentata, din cite imi dau seama, in plan istoric si condimentata cu putin realism magic, in plan pisicesc.

He sees a family painting a house, and the book goes on to describe them in great detail — down to the moles on the girl’s back exposed when her shirt lifts when she raises her arm to paint — and then they’re gone. Narrating with a passion for language and storytelling….

The Days of the King – Filip Florian

The Days of the King – US. Or not — you could just enjoy the story of a German dentist who follows a Dutch prince to Romania and sets up a life in Bucharest. And, in those hours together, without ever having gone upstairs, they would find plenty to do, so much so that they would forget that the days were hot and sticky.

I don’t read much in Romanian, but it’s a beautiful language so I’m hoping to find a copy of this in Romanian so I could read it And so he came down with the wicker basket, very early, before any bleary-eyed tradesmen could knock at the door of his surgery, their jaws swollen and teeth doused in alcohol.