Fibrosing mediastinitis (FM), which is also known as mediastinal fibrosis or sclerosing mediastinitis, is an uncommon, benign and progressive condition. What is Fibrosing Mediastinitis? Medistinal fibrosis is the common, but most severe, late complication of Histoplasmosis. Many Physicians believe mediastinal. Idiopathic Fibrosing Mediastinitis. Questions posed and edited by Candace McIntosh and Lucille Enix Reponses by James Loyd, M.D.. What are the symptoms.

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I have seen about patients with post Histo FM during the past 20 years, and about 10 patients with the Idiopathic diffuse form in the past 8 years. Information on current clinical trials is medastinitis on the Internet at www. There are no longitudinal reports that provide answers to these important questions.

They may also have fibrosis elsewhere in the body which may cause symptoms at those other sites. Some infected persons may suffer flu-like symptoms.

Rare Disease Database

The circulatory system can be affected cibrosing direct compression of the pulmonary arteries which carry blood to the lungs or the pulmonary veins which carry blood from the lungs. What anti-inflammatory drugs do you use with patients? Post histo FM is seen only in individuals who lived in an endemic region sometime during their life.

This is not a preferred method of treatment and should only be used in the most extreme cases due to a high level of morbidity and mortality. FM is on pg They persist for years, maybe indefinitely, and may release antigen to stimulate an ongoing mediastinnitis response.

It should be differentiated from the many other less-severe mediastinal complications of histoplasmosis, and from other causes of mediastinal fibrosis, which are termed Idiopathic mediastinal fibrosis.

Chicken houses and bat guano under bridges and their environs are notorious sources of H. There is no evidence that there is a preferred ethnic origin or gender disparity. All drugs have complications in some patients.


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For more information, contact: If the patient has occlusion of the vena cava and there are collateral veins that have developed, the superior mediastinum may be widened on imaging studies. The surgical removal was associated with rapid regrowth of new fibrotic tissue back medisatinitis its former extent within just a few months of its removal. Symptoms may appear suddenly, even though the scar progressed slowly for months or years, because the scar growth mediastiitis causes no symptoms.

How is the patient most effectively followed by a physician? In what ways do the progress and treatment of Idiopathic FM differ from the progress and treatment of Histo-related FM?

Is there a relationship between thyroid deficiency and Idiopathic FM? FM can block the airways or the vessels going to, or returning from the lungs.

The epidemic was short-lived and influenza-like. It does seem reasonable mfdiastinitis consider idiopathic FM among the autoimmune diseases, in part because it does seem to respond to prednisone or other immunosuppressive treatment, at least in part. The natural history of Idiopathic FM is not known, but there are reports of individual patients who had a pharmacologic response or spontaneous improvement, which has not been seen with post Histoplasmosis FM.

Thyroid deficiency seems to be a common characteristic among many FM patients. Loyd is currently regarded as this country’s leading authority on Fibrosing Mediastinitis and Idiopathic FM. Int J Fibrosign Heart Vasc.

Are chemotherapy and radiation ever used and, if so, under what circumstances? There is no standard therapy for either form of fibrosing mediastinitis. Currently there fibroslng no drugs identified that will stop the histoplasmosis-related fibrous tissue from growing. A year-old man with chest pain, arthralgias, and a mediastinal mass. Radiation therapy does have significant risk of injury to other organs and has not been studied for treatment of FM. Have any of your patients died from Histo-related or Idiopathic FM and, if so, how did the disease precipitate their deaths?


In selected patients with idiopathic FM which causes wheezing and cough, these medications may be helpful. It is not known why some individuals are predisposed to excessive immune response to the organism, which leads to excessive scarring and obstruction of major vessels or airways that characterizes FM.

CT scan is the mediastnitis modality to show calcification, to help distinguish the post Histoplasmosis form of FM which usually has calcification, from the Idiopathic mediastinitiss form of FM which is usually not calcified.

Fibrosing Mediastinitis | FAQ

Allergic or toxic reactions may occur to any drug in an individual patient. In my experience the post Histo-related form of FM appears to be mediastinitos more common, perhaps 10 times as common as diffuse proliferative Idiopathic FM. Overall, histoplasmosis is considered usually to be an asymptomatic and clinically insignificant infection.

For information about clinical trials conducted in Europe, contact: Patients with histoplasmosis-related fibrosing mediastinitis present with signs of fatigue, shortness of breath dyspneacough with blood hemoptysis or without, chronic chest pleuritic pain and recurrent pulmonary infection.

Regular exercise is beneficial for heart and muscle function, and is encouraged for all patients as tolerated. Sometimes surgical biopsy of the abnormal tissue in the mediastinum is needed to exclude malignancy such as a lymphoma, especially if the CT scan shows that the tissue does not have calcification, which is a hallmark sign of FM which complicates prior histoplasmosis.

Together we are strong. Targeting B lymphocytes in progressive fibrosing mediastinitis. On Earth Day, a courtyard was raked and swept, and the entire school building was contaminated with air containing Histoplasma spores. Symptoms can be present for years before diagnosis.