In it, Mullins postulated a conspiracy among Paul He argued that the Federal Reserve Act of defies. The Federal Reserve Conspiracy. by Eustace Mullins. Eustace Clarence Mullins, Jr. was a populist American political writer, biographer, and truth-teller, who. Eustace Mullins is a veteran of the United States Air Force, with the Federal Reserve Act in The Great Conspiracy of the House of. Morgan.

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He promised the people of this country that he would give them a money and credit law which would be free from “Wall Street influence.

Eustace Mullins

The first time I met the anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Eustace Mullins was at a conference I was covering of Holocaust deniers, neo-Nazis and paranoiacs Aldrich had recently returned from Europe with the National Monetary Commission, of which he was head. Daniel Levitas 23 November That is where they belong, rather than to the public.

The commission had been charged to make a thorough study of financial practices before formulating banking and currency reform legislation for Congress It was pointed out at the time that such legislation seemed unlikely to offer genuine reform under the leadership of a man with Aldrich ‘s known sympathies and employment but ,ullins was blithely im- pervious to this criticism.

I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? Its provisions were put in use only during the la’st months of its being, in the early part ofwhen the sudden withdrawal of large sums of European gold from this country, occasioned by the beginning of the First World War, caused a temporary money stringency. Aldrieh sums up in his personality the greatest and most sinister menaee. Class B directors shall consist of three members who shall be representative of the general public interests of the reserve districts at the time of their election.

The second great reserev which Baruch organized was the copper trust, set up for the Guggenheim family, who have dominated the copper industry of this country ever since.

He was to continue choosing such men to run this- country after he led us into the First World War. Morgan and Anthony Drexel went to London euztace concluded an agreement with N.

Thomas Jefferson warned us a hundred years ago that a private central bank issuing the public currency was a greater menace to the liberties of the people than a standing army.

A man who could make near- ly a million eusgace in one operation would not be likely to sincerely attack the wealthy men of his own class. An examination of the thousands of pages of minutes reveals that these eleven Congressmen did not ask a dozen questions apiece during the months of investiga- tion. Piatt Andrew, who was not a member of the commission but a Special Assistant.


The Federal Reserve Conspiracy by Eustace Mullins

Andrea Consspiracy February 23, InMullins authored the tract The Biological Jewwhich he claimed was an objective analysis of the forces behind the “decline” of Western Culture. The presence of Paul War- burg on the Board of Governors was enough to convince anyone that Wall Street was in charge, and the further appointment of a Federal Advisory Council, a group of bankers to assist the Federal Beserve Board in its work, indicated New York influence, for its first mem- bers numbered “Winthrop Aldrich and J.

The writing of the plan, however, was only the first step. It does this as completely as the Ald- — 33 — rich Bill.

Full text of ” (PDFy mirror)”

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. He said that he knew personally that not more than eight men ran this country. He came to discuss the currency measure. Woodrow Wilson’s unofficial messenger and confidante during the entire time of his reign was Colonel House, who was sent to him with the cordial recommendations of Paul Warburg.

The — 53 — functions of these international companies were greatly lessened after when the Federal Keserve System took over the job of predetermining the rise or fall of security prices by raising or lower- feferal the interest rate, and by dumping quantities of Government securities on the New York Stock Exchange.

Aldrieh had secured Senate ap- proval for the great trusts formed in the last decade of the nineteenth century, and he himself was a partner in two of the largest of these corporations, the tobacco trust formed with Duke a’s its head, and the rubber trust, led by Rockefeller and Guggenheim.

Finally, on November 22,the Attorney General of the United States, to whom the question had been submit- ted, held that the Board was without power to abolish any of the — 51 — then existing districts, rendering “Warburg Ms only defeat as dictator of the Federal Reserve System, fie had been particularly anxious to getthe Dallas and Kansas City Reserve Banks either in control of their districts, or else do away -with them, for he was engaged in setting up the System to perform the most important function of a central bank, mobilizing a nation’s money and credit to; finance a major war.

What are the profits of the New Jersey. However, it would still function as a central bank, fulfilling the; three main functions in that tradition, that is, it would, be owned by private individuals who would draw profit feederal ownership of shares, and who could control the nation’s issue of money, it would have at its command eustafe nation’s entire financial resources, and it would be able to mobilize and mortgage the United States by involving us in major foreign wars.


He claimed that the main influence that people were overlooking in their analysis of world affairs was “parasitism”. As a member of that council, I received a copy the day before they acted upon it. The crowd of reporters, representing most of the great New York dailies, were convinced that the secret mission must deserve some connection with the proposed finan- cial reform, and clustered aggressively around Aldrieh, demanding a story. Paul Warburg never came out and said that he wrote the bill or did.

It means another panic, if necessary, to intimidate the people. This astonishing — 25 — observation startled the blase members of the Committee. This often seemed a waste of time, and drew many barbed remarks from Reswrve, so that it mullina required all the diplomacy of Henry P. The Aldrich Bill puts this power in one central bank. Hamlin, for eight years previously an Assistant Secre- tary rseerve the Treasury.

I refused to vote on it, and a great many other bankers did likewise. This seemed to be in direct conflict with his personal interests and the interests of his employers, for a genuine monetary reform would certainly reduce their profits and power, but his work along these lines brought him an increased salary and even more time to advocate banking legislation which would set up a central hank in the United States similar to those of Europe.

Hockley, TexasUnited States.

This was struck out altogether by the Senate and replaced with: Harriman had been prosecuted several times for thier illegal activities m their war to obtain control of the Union Pacific Railroad for Kuhn, Loeb Company. Rogers as an ex- ceptionally able organizer of corporations, and in he organized the six principal tabacco companies of the United States into the Consolidated Tobacco Co.

However, he did collect his writings in a twenty-five hundred page volume on the Federal Reserve System, efderal proved eustaace that it all originated in his banker’s brain.