Exsurge Domine: Johann Eck: helped compose the papal bull Exsurge Domine (June ), in which Pope Leo X condemned 41 of Luther’s theses and . The bull threatening Luther with excommunication, Exsurge Domine (“Arise, O Lord”), was published on June 15, It represented the culmination of several . Exsurge Domine. A bull issued in June by Pope Leo X, threatening the excommunication of Luther. Source for information on Exsurge Domine: The.

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But the canon lawyers advocated a mediating position: Adversus Execrabile Antichristi Bullam in Latin.

Pope Leo X Threatens Luther – Exsurge Domine

However, in some places this directive proved exssurge or difficult to carry out because of Luther’s popular support. Free will after exsurgge is a matter of title only; and as long as one does what is in him, one sins mortally. Fifth Lateran Council A. Eck found his task to be particularly onerous. Fourth Council of Constantinople: The wild boar from the forest seeks to destroy it and every wild beast feeds upon it. This virtue is the font and origin of all virtues and without it anyone is readily convicted of being unfaithful.

We have even offered him safe conduct and the money necessary for the journey urging him to come without fear or any misgivings, which perfect charity should cast out, and to talk not secretly but openly and face to exsutge after the example of our Savior and the Apostle Paul.

If he had done this, we are certain he would have changed in heart, and he would have recognized his errors. Views Read Edit View history. He bulldozed a final decision through the committee to ensure a speedy publication. For now a new Porphyry rises who, as the old once wrongfully assailed the holy apostles, now assails the holy pontiffs, our predecessors. Therein lies its historical significance.


No one is certain that he is not always sinning mortally, because of the most hidden vice of pride. Let him abstain from his pernicious errors that he may come back to us. Yet, with the advice of our brothers, imitating the mercy of almighty God who does not wish the death of a sinner but rather that he be converted and live, and forgetting all the injuries inflicted on us and the Apostolic See, we have decided to use all the compassion we are capable of.

Exsurge Domine – Papal Encyclicals

Remember your reproaches to those who are filled with foolishness all through the day. Moreover, because the preceding errors and many others are contained in the books or writings of Martin Luther, we likewise condemn, reprobate, and reject completely the books and all the writings and sermons of the said Martin, whether in Latin or any other language, containing the said errors or any one of them; and we wish them to be regarded as utterly condemned, reprobated, and rejected.

Luther’s support for conciliarism is explicitly censured proposition 28 and is singled out for further condemnation in the bull’s conclusion: Those constitutions formerly issued, and then confirmed by our predecessors, were issued under the greatest penalties even of loss of lands and dominions against anyone sheltering or not expelling them.

A good work done very well is a venial sin.

Exsurge Domine

Although this work was not penned as a direct response to the bull, it nevertheless reaffirmed Luther’s commitment to certain themes censured therein, including the primacy of ecumenical councils over papal decrees. Excommunications are only external penalties and they do not deprive man of the common spiritual prayers of the Church. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Some of these errors we have decided to include in the present document; their substance is exsureg follows: By no means may you presume to exsurhe venial sins, nor even all mortal sins, because it is impossible that you know all mortal sins.


Wise in their own eyes, according to the ancient practice of heretics, they interpret these same Scriptures otherwise than the Holy Spirit demands, inspired only by their own sense of ambition, and for exsutge sake of popular acclaim, as the Apostle declares.

This is the cover of that document.

Purgatory cannot be proved from Sacred Scripture which is in the canon. Hence in the primitive Church only manifest mortal sins were confessed. Some of these have already been condemned by councils and the constitutions of our predecessors, and expressly contain even the heresy of the Greeks and Bohemians. Thus we beseech and remind this Domin, his supporters and accomplices of his holy orders and the described punishment.

Protestant author Philip Schaff notes that “The bull of excommunication is the papal counter-manifesto to Luther’s Theses, and condemns in him the whole cause of the Protestant Reformation. Some, putting aside her true interpretation of Sacred Scripture, exeurge blinded in mind by the father of lies.

When you were about to ascend to your Father, you committed the care, rule, and administration of the vineyard, an image of the triumphant church, to Peter, as the head and your vicar and his successors.

This power he chose to exercise by supplementing the bull with the names of several prominent German Humanists and thereby aroused their opposition besides that of Luther’s supporters.