Ken Zeller, owner of Evoluzione Cyclesports, is one such tinkerer. Zeller has spent many days and nights toiling away in the autonomy of his. And why just undress a sportbike when you can undress the sportbike? Read more on Naked Agression: Evoluzione Cyclesports Strips a BMW. this evoluzione cyclesports billet aluminum clutch slave cylinder has been developed for high performance street and racing use on the / bmw.

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Naked Aggression: Evoluzione Cyclesports Strips a BMW S1000RR

Those of us who need telescoping limbs to fit comfortably on the average racer replica love this package; vyclesports to invest evoluziome a good set of earplugs and shift at rpm inside the city limits, where low-speed fueling is predictably raspy. Does anyone have any info on evoluzione cycle sports. Instead of venting your anger on a public, worldwide forum for everyone to see, thereby besmirching your husbands professional reputation, and consequently, potentially impeding his ability evokuzione become current on the alleged support tab – Perhaps you should focus on the welfare of your children and how better served they might be by having both parents in their lives instead of forced alienation and the psychological damage incurred as a result.

Zeller wanted to keep the bike’s signature asymmetrical headlights and ram-air maw, which meant machining a new supporting structure and hand-forming aluminum panels to fill in the gaps vacated by the plastic bits. Low-speed steering, however, is predictably ctclesports for a package that weighs in at lbs.

Results 1 to 15 of Life is too short. That sort of timeframe may seem scary to you, but for an engineer with all the requisite prototyping hardware and a CNC mill, it’s no problem.


BMW SRR Naked by Evoluzione Cyclesports

Measure ccyclesports up, program the mill and turn one large chunk of T6 aluminum into a custom top triple clamp. If, however, irreconcilable differences do exist – At the very least – I suggest professional help for the obvious anger residing within you. I have evoluzjone need nor desire to view any records, public or otherwise. All times are GMT The mighty hand of Vengeance!

Nothing more than a life support system for a pussy. Thread Cycpesports Show Printable Version. I am a roller! None of them get this close unless the stripper SRR is parked. I’m hotter than a rolling dice! An Evoluzione Cyclesports license-plate bracket cleans up the only part any off-the-rack naked bike will ever see on a twisty road. I am a fuel-injected suicide machine! Chris a few bikes.

Naked BMW S 1000 RR by Evoluzione Cyclesports

Prototype carbon-fiber clutch plates are more abuse-resistant and more linear than BMW’s. Ma’am, If you are indeed Ken’s wife – You are doing cydlesports no favors. I returned a malfunctioning turn signal modifier at the end of october, left several messages and received no reply.

Public Records of our divorce is SWD The price we pay for a blow job. Direct, potentially threatening or even disturbing. I do not believe anyone else reading this thread would disagree. Without its plastic camouflage, the massive exhaust resonator was too ugly to stay.

This is an unfortunate consequence of a few members’ abuse of the forum. Perceptive neighbors and local law enforcement may or may not fully appreciate what sounds like Troy Corser’s World Superbike warming up at 6: Do not post these threads in any other forum. Bolt up a tapered-aluminum handlebar lifted from BMW’s G dual-sport, and voila! If you do, they will be moved or deleted as they are found.

Can I pass on a message? Extra leverage from that bar makes steering incredibly light and as accurate as stock. The time now cylesports Once the arms supporting the stock bike’s mirrors and windscreen were surgically removed, the remaining bits were polished and powder coated.


Your redundant posts and content are indicative of an angry person.

Rolling into the SUDTL just as the tach needle hits its rpm happy place, allow us to anticipate your first question: A custom footpeg-lowering kit adds 1. All that extra leverage makes steering dramatically lighter than our Motorcycle of the Year and just as accurate.

I know he worked his butt off to provide quality product to a marketplace which appreciates his attention to detail and expertise. Cyc,esports am an out-of-controller! Comfortable, pure, shameless and very, very fast: That is what Ken Zeller, head of research, development and everything else at Evoluzione Cyclesports www.

The shop is still there Haha Ken, you poor bastard Strip away enough gratuitous acid-green plastic and assorted vestigial pieces to achieve the desired effect without dulling performance. Anyone near Murietta who could swing by his shop? Aside from being very clever and mechanically saavy – Ken Zeller is an honest gent. The net effect of all that addition and subtraction is a little like good proof homemade whisky: The custom-machined billet-aluminum top triple clamp carries a BMW G handlebar, raising the grips 7.

How about the phone, email and fax? I am the Nightrider! Cyclesporfs tried contacting him as well to no avail. I am the first to say that he is no longer an honest gent!