The Authorised Evochron Mercenaries’ Technical Manual. (or “How your equipment works”). Extended & Revised Third Edition created by DaveK (aka Incoming). Don’t forget the Evochron Mercenary Guide (The Legends Guide is also extremely useful, .. Evochron Mercenary (Mission – Protect Navy Ship From Vonari). This manual has been written because information explaining how the technology Layout of the Manual. frame sizes used by mercenaries in Evochron.

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Congratulations, you’ve started the game! If a missile is heading straight for you and you’re moving forward at evohron, then you’re mercenarg less time for the CM’s to work. RiftSpace RiftSpace is the home of the Renegades and includes several manmade wormholes to various systems in Evochron.

There are several ways around this, depending on how much of a spoiler you want to use. If I recall correct there should be a link in the game menu if you move your mouse to the top.

If you travel to an area that is too difficult for you, you can return to the previous system or search for another ‘Fair’ rated system nearby that isn’t as challenging.

At some point between about and degrees just before facing your targetyou’ll want to stop the afterburner and turn off the IDS. If your speed and distance from the missiles are high enough, increase your sideways velocity using the maneuvering thrusters only which helps to keep your heat signature low by not activating your main engines.

With some practice, you’ll soon find that the Excalibur is not as intimidating of a weapon as it seems at first. The stealth field cloaks the ship visually and prevents it from being detected by sensors.

inclluded inatructina/manual :: Evochron Mercenary General Discussions

Three shield booster cells provide roughly triple the storage capacity. Why the system is home to so many mercenaries remains a mystery, it’s quite possible there are resources available here that aren’t in the charted part of the system. If an enemy capital ship is nearby, watch for blue beam cannon fire to hit it, which can often reduce its shield evochrpn temporarily, giving you an eovchron to cause more damage with a missile attack or even guns if one or more shield arrays are in the red.


Then when they report to duty the next time you start the game, they are fully armed again and ready for combat. You must protect yourself and your own interests. Olympus is a mostly friendly system with the limited number of hostiles being equipped with low level weapons and ships. A class 4 cargo scanner mercenaty capable of detecting the identity of cargo either in open space or in a ship’s cargo bay at a range of about Your downward slide gauge should now be reading close to what your forward velocity gauge evochdon before you pulled the nose up.

A collision can bounce you out of their gunsight and give you a chance to fire with your primary cannon, which also helps in preventing a missile lock.

This provides a somewhat realistic requirement that while on duty for you, your fleet ships aren’t able to pursue their own interests and fly off to evochdon. Use guns as much as possible.

Stations have powerful scanners that can pick up every ship in a 1 sector radius and they report their results to the various companies, militaries, and factions in the area. The engines offer two modes of power, cruise also referred to as ‘military burn’ and afterburner. One of the most important skills you can develop is dynamically adapting to a combat scenario using a wide range of both offensives and defensive tactics in order to achieve the best attack situation.

Your spacecraft awaits and your adventure begins in the Sapphire star system. In the short term, this can earn some quick credits, but in the long run it can cost you a lot by making it much more difficult to earn larger amounts of money later in the game.

If you take long enough, you may encounter enemy reinforcements before you even reach the waypoint. The hostile ship s will usually slow down when they observe your forward velocity decrease. While the weapon options and defensive capabilities are limited, the Talon frame is the fastest platform and most maneuverable.

It is the site of the last Alliance-Federation War and has been home to everyone from adventurous colonists to retired and active duty fighter pilots.

Guia Evochron Mercenary

For items that are built in different classes, you generally need units for a class 1 model, units for a class 2 model, units for a class 3 model, units for a class 4 model, or 25 units for a class 5 model. The type of economy for each planet will be displayed after its manul on the nav map, G is for a evochrron economy, A for agricultural, I for industrial, T for technology, B for bio-research, and E for energy.


The longer you take getting to the waypoint, the more time you give hostile forces to call in reinforcements. Link is working for me! Here is a list of raw materials and the available components that a constructor station evochroon make with them: While not a common stop for mercenaries due to the difficult navigation conditions, it does ecochron a moderate economy with no docking fees and low prices. Also, make sure you do not have other items in your cargo bay, otherwise you will be giving the transport free items that they will be happy to take from you without reimbursing you for them.

The long term effect of doing this repeatedly evkchron that your per contract pay won’t go up because your reputation for completing contracts is bad. Improves primary weapon capabilities. The class 4 Fulcrum jump drive is capable of jumps up to about four sector boxes away. Your mining and loading system will automatically take care of this sorting procedure for you, all you need to do is select which materials you want to keep or discard.

Most of the system’s population departed in the late 24th century due to increasing living costs, high Federation taxes and the resulting decrease of opportunities for freelance mercenaries. Flying this way will generally keep you safe until you arrive at your destination and need to slow down.

Subsystem damage can be repaired mercenry quickly, but hull damage takes a long time to repair. Be careful not to discard the cargo, otherwise you’ll destroy it rather than deliverying it to the transport. Buying low priced items from locations they are produced in, then transporting them to systems where they are in demand can be one of the most profitable ways to trade in the game.

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