the dilemmas of career and ambition—bringing Zen to love and work—is the core of “an amazingly pure and lively Zen”* as taught by Charlotte Joko Beck. From Everyday Zen by Charlotte Joko Beck–Inspirational and motivational article from Living Life Fully. Living Everyday Zen. Charlotte Joko Beck. 6 Review(s) | Add Your Review. Suitable for any level of experience, a three-CD program to embody Zen practice in.

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Everyday Zen: Love and Work by Charlotte Joko Beck

She talks a lot about angerhow we can learn to embrace all our human feelings with a “big mind,” feeling angry without creating new negative realities out of angry speech and action. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. I’ve been practicing yoga for two months now, and when I’m in a new thing I want to know everything about it and books are my main source of learning. I thought I’d note down hah some quotes I liked in this book: There is no lock.

Return to Book Page. Getting to know different schools of thought and getting into eastern philosophy can be an enlightening experience.

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The author also had a tendency to go a bit too far in explanation, then backtrack in a way that was slightly annoying. One final tip from my personal experience. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The requirement to follow a strict ethical code or an aspiration “to save all beings” might discourage some people from even starting.


This is immensely useful and inspiring. Her way of speaking is so direct, so stripped of all religious pomp. Of course there are many things to take but I am not gonna spoil it with my review. A few passages worth remembering: Dharma transmission Zen lineage charts Zen ranks and hierarchy Zen organisation and institutions Zen Narratives. Please try again eeveryday.

Read reviews that mention joko beck everyday zen zen buddhism zen practice charlotte joko nothing special charlotte joko beck everyday life highly recommended reading this book ever read poorly written years ago great book book to read best book recommend this book looking forward author makes easy read.

The book includes so many great metaphors to help a noob like me understand the fundamentals of Zen, among them: But if you’ve been around a bit in any spiritual or contemplative path I think this will be a useful book. No fundmental separation between me and that. Each talk had a memorable line or two, but the essays themselves weren’t ones I’ll be coming back to. Dear Reader, please consider these wise teachings to deepen your practice. She married and raised a family of four children, then separated from her husband and worked as a teacher, secretary, and assistant in a university department.

She understands that Americans, in particular, want to be “fed” enlightenment, preferably by listening to a teacher tell them how to live or by reading it in a book. I highly recommend this book and “Nothing Special. She criticizes religious practices that urge people to be unselfish.

And only when we begin to give up those maneuvers does life begin to be more satisfactory. My first Zen book, when there were only a couple available on bookstore shelves.


She almost ignores other Buddhist concepts, such as emptiness, karma, and so on. View all 4 comments. Part of it might be that it was a transcription of actual talks that the author has given, so it’s not really laid out like a usual book.

Nothing about that here, save disapproval of anger. Enlightenment is dropping all that.

Everyday Zen : Charlotte Joko Beck :

I took it with me beco my hikes and moko holidayshave bought and recommended it again and again. But if you’ve been around a bit in any spiritual or contemplative path I think thi A very concise and earthy explanation of meditation and Zen Buddhism. And yet there is something within each of us that basically knows we are boundless, limitless.

A very warm and relaxed book, it makes ‘Zen’ approachable and practical.

Everyday Zen: Love and Work

Beck’s ability to make the abstract concrete and accessible for anyone who engages in the practice distinguishes her from most other Zen teachers. They are absolute gold. Do you find this review helpful? Mary M Posted on July 13, Our main way of supporting this site is through the sale of books, either physical copies or digital copies for your Amazon Kindle including the online reader.