These are generic rules that apply to most “crayon rail” titles in the series, including Empire Builder, British Rails, Eurorails, Australia Rails, Nippon Rails, and. I supported because “I support the Geek because of all the great friends I’ve made here. I love playing PBF, VoIP and RL games with you!?” – Fred M ( derf_red). Here are the rules I invented. Pick out any two Crayon games and lay them out side by side on a large table. I recommend North America Rails and Eurorails.

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Email Address is invalid! After this, each player holds 3 contract cards.

By reducing the win condition you’d be cutting out that last phase and that can be a lot of fun. You have been successfully subscribed.

How to Use a Eurail Train Pass

Put each unused card under the stack you draw a new card from. The effect was to increase the value of those first early runs, thus jump-starting track building.

We find the disaster eurlrails taxation cards prolong the game unnecessarily. DForck42 2, 6 25 William 1 2. You can move your train right up to the end of the track much more safely leading to euroraips wasted movement. Please note that laminating makes your Pass invalid. The idea is that you’ll get where you are going in less turns, so your game should take less turns. Another official variant that can help is the mercy rule.


Eurorails Variants

You have already created a cart and therefore the currency cannot be changed anymore! The mercy rule allows you to “borrow” from the bank, but you must repay double the next time you get money. One of the variants we always play with euroraols the fast game. Add to wish list Remove from wish eurorxils. You don’t lose “the remainder of this turn” in addition to your next turn. You can upgrade your train to be able to deliver all three contracts.

Between those two rules, our games tend to go smoothly and rather fast usually 1.

This gives the last player a chance to catch up and sometimes win. EuroRailsbut there is no link to the rules there.

We own several versions and editions of the crayon rail games in my house. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. When you get home from your trip, make sure you send us your travel diary, so we can send you a FREE Eurail gift to help remember your Eurail journey. With a smaller train your move would have ended before you got that far.


Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Learn more about Eurail Pass benefits. A solitary version takes 5min to play, above rules but don’t use a train marker, draw tracks and collect on a card immediately if you are connected to source and destination. We advise you to store your Pass in a plastic wallet instead. I was thinking about the fact that when you move into the ferry post, you forfeit your remaining move points which will be a bigger number. It has 5 main effects that I can think of offhand:.

Remove them before play starts. Granted that should be less of a problem on a map of one’s own country, but it still helps. And ferries become more costly to use, as the “half movement” penalty is now half of a bigger number.

Each player gets to finish out their last turn.