Within “The Pain Scale” Eula Biss uses different concepts to relate to the reader her confusion about the pain scale used in hospitals today that. “On a scale of zero to ten, ten sending you to the emergency room, how bad is your As Eula Biss says in her essay “The Pain Scale,” “Zero doesn’t behave like. The Pain Scale. Eula Biss · English. Research output: Contribution to journal › Article. Language, English. Journal, Harper’s. State, Published – Jun

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I agree with her point here because scales do need a fixed point but what confuses me is why she questions it.

She does this to provide evidence to back pan her thoughts; Aristotle was a Greek philosopher and polymath. Throughout the text she explains her relationship with her father, who is a physician, and how that affected how she feels about certain types of pain and how he changed her idea of pain. Perhaps that is a problem with the pain scale, that people tend to get lost within the numbers, are not sure whether fula pain is above or below the average of five, and if it is whether it strays to a two, three, or four, or a six, seven, eight, or nine.

The author, Eula Biss, takes the reader on a journey of the numbers relaying the pain associated with each. I bisz this was a good effect that Eula Biss used; the easiest way to allow people to understand what you are talking about is too include personal experiences.

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The Pain Scale

Eula Biss is in a hospital trying to answer the question, how she would rate her pain according to the universal pain scale Biss writes: She mimics the scale using it to unwind her story. She includes all of these points in her essay to fully express her ideology of what she thinks scales, of any kind, are made up of. In her ideology zero is nonexistent therefore it should not be used as a fixed point for a scale.


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: From what we learn in mathematics zero has too many rules for anyone to remember and within those rules there are exceptions.

The essay could be considered as a mixture of her thought; she includes different aspects of life, math, pain, personal experiences, feelings, history and literature. This module has unpublished changes. I think the reason she does this is because it troubles her to think the fixed point of her ekla is considered, according to some theories, nonexistent. She does this to make the essay more personal instead of a debate about scales.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. The reason behind her confusion is due to the many different texts and theories we are presented with through time.

The pain scale

She has a problem that she reveals deeper into the text; her back is too straight which has been causing her pain for a while now. Instead she uses this to show the reader that what you feel is unique and no one will feel the same thing due to everyone being unique.

Posted in Uncategorized Leave a Comment. That is the main reason why it is first on the list. But even at absolute zero, their motion does not stop completely. Email required Address never made public. This site uses cookies. From there, Eula discusses the Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin temperature scales.

But I do not agree with the fact that she thinks zero is useless because Zero is used for many things in day-to-day life. This takes me back to my first theory about how we cannot base our feelings around what people say tye limits are.


Biss is very philosophical and makes the reader think along with her as she details and questions the assumed pain for each digit, or lack thereof. Zero, on the Celsius scale, is the point at which water freezes.

“The Pain Scale,” from One to Five | hashtagoctothorpe

Eula connects these concepts to the use of a pain scale, and builds upon her own thought process through them. Five is short and concise, with a clear median and less room to stray from the intended path. However, after analyzing the essay again I think what she was trying to explain to the audience is that we cannot base our thoughts and feelings around what people say the limits are. We apologize for the inconvenience and will lift this disclaimer when this feature becomes available.

And one hundred is the point at which water boils.

How to Read “The Pain Scale” By Eula Biss | jkingsly

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Absolute zero is degrees Celsius colder than the temperature at which water freezes. Buried under an avalanche of sharp rocks? I love your analysis of it, too, using Biss-esque logic to defend your position. This site uses cookies. Without these facts, the story would be questionable as a work of non-fiction. Clearly, when I read something that sounds like a hard-core fact, I have no choice but to believe it.