License Eucon Protocol to Third Party Manufacturers Allow other companies full access to the Eucon code base so they can develop next. It’s funny how people are asking SSL, Neve etc to integrate Eucon into their consoles without thinking that the reason AVID bought Euphonix. Everywhere this protocol is brought up, it’s highly praised. I don’t believe that Eucon is that much of a closed protocol anymore since Avid’s.

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So, after all, it still seems a little complex, right? In my opinion, as far as control surfaces go, this is the single most useful controller on the market.

Future Sonar Support for EuCon Protocol? | Cakewalk Forums

Ok I just check again I run analogue PI driver with excellent result It’s a shame, it’s a very promising control protocol. It does allot of great things…you can detach faders, have one of the faders follow the currently highlighted channel, etc. User Control Panel Log out. Martin Hines Max Output Level: EuCon protocol support is now available for: You tell me whar a man gits his corn pone, en I’ll tell you what his ‘pinions is.

Please keep me posted too. Jun 01 7: May 20 4: I’d guess it’s highly unlikely that EUCON lacks some form of encryption, protoocl – making this a non-trivial effort.

This is the only protocol that is fully implemented in Pro Tools. But trying to get any info I can for a project maybe even a SDK That was really fast.


Sequoia 11 DAW Software Now Supports EuCon Protocol For Connectivity To Euphonix Pro Consoles

Insert it across all your tracks and practically have a huge SSL console with all your track running into it inside Pro Tools. Does pro tools support mcu? I’m another who would like to know more about this. The Avid Artist Mix. If I was going for form over function to impress clients, these would be my choice Send a private message to Shan. Cycling ’74 will be closed on Dec 25th, 26th, and Jan 1st. Feb 12 However, again, I recommend that all those interested in HUI control surfaces for Pro Tools should try TouchDAW on a tablet before committing to a big buy — it is simply exactly the same as a hardware controller only on a tablet and very cheap.

Future Sonar Support for EuCon Protocol?

I think thats the best bet at getting max and Eucon to play nice. Eucon is in many a software but only avid makes any hardware. As I see it, the only way you can end up in trouble is if you market it under the Eucon name. An example of this is e.

A good example of a controller that can do this is is the Icon Qcon Pro. However, the people from SSL endorsed this product and I think they might have a pretty good idea about how an SSL console should sound. I am rather sure you could easily wiretap into it and decode the relevant parts quickly. I wrote a max patch that used midi messages to communicate with Pro Tools mainly just to automate mutes and such.


Instead of the classic console-like shape of protoocl controller why not have a huge touch-screen and be able to touch Pro Tools directly without the need of another app to bridge the gap? I don’t think so But human jitter is more in the 8bit range here Zam. It’s probably not that hard, and at some point, there may be touch-screen apps to control EuCon aware applications.

March 20, Geoff Waddington I think. And such an endorsement reflects a lot more than the opinion of some hard-headed audio engineers.

Manual authorization, support cases, and manual order processing will be delayed. All times are GMT Very basic things like midi feedback to midi devices is portocol.

Reaper could slip right in to users who have those rigs, and there are a lot of them. When people in the industry talk about where this control technology is going a recurring topic is brought up. EUCON includes the following features and benefits: Cakewalk was waaay ahead of me on this one.