Buy Espedair Street by Iain Banks from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction. Paperback reissue of Iain Banks’ ESPEDAIR STREET, ‘the funniest, truest rock biopic yet’ – OBSERVER. Daniel Weir used to be a famous – not. Espedair Street [Iain M. Banks] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Daniel Weir used to be a famous – not to say infamous – rock star. Maybe.

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He packed the book off to his editor in London and at the streer of February, popped down to the old smoke for a two-day run through with said editor and there you are, job done.

He gained enormous popular and critical acclaim for both his mainstream and his science fiction novels. In fact, if you read both, it becomes increasingly hard to see where SF leaves off and mainstream begins.

On his Ucca form there was just one interest listed: It’s the one subject on which Banks is curiously evasive, saying in one breath that ‘Annie knows when I put on a certain gooey expression that it’s either a Ferrari or a baby’, and in the next saying, absurdly, ‘I managed to persuade myself that one good ambition is never to change a nappy’.

Partly it’s laziness, partly I feel as if writing more would seem like showing off.

I write what I write. It seemed a fairly simple tale of a rock star looking back [from the dizzy heights of his early thirties! The golden triptych of sex, drugs and rock streer roll are all here in the form of early love, whipped cream canister gas and learning to play bass instead of guitar because your fingers are too big.


Espedair Street

Draw me in it did, as I found every opportunity to read another few pages, another chapter, just one more revelation to help paint a more complete picture. Nov 02, David Nelson rated it really liked it. But partly it’s conscience money Frustrated at the failure to get his sci-fi stories taken up, Banks decided to write a different kind of novel altogether. Following the rise and fall of Daniel Weir stage name Weirda 70s prog rock star, we follow his story from council estate Glasgow childhood sspedair the heights of global superstardom, and then back to a reclusive retirement aged A lot of people sit and talk about writing, but if you’re really going to write you have to do it, not talk about it.

After a memorable fight in a nightclub called ‘Monty’s’, his real identity is revealed. I hate these wtreet that just stop.

Second, why he’s so difficult to find in the US I’ll never know. From France to India, Germany to Japan, Arthur almost falls in love, almost falls to his death, and puts miles between him and the plight he refuses to face. Written 6 years before Trainspotting, Espedair Street comes across like the big brother in the family.

What Banks really wants is a multi-million blockbuster to be made of one of the sci-fi books: Dec 01, In fact I had started on the Culture novels before I learned he was dying.

Brad Simkuletā€™s review of Espedair Street

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Yet another solid classic from Banksy. Called The Hungarian Lift-Jet, it was a sort of Alistair Maclean madness with international arms dealers for baddies rather than commies, and a lot more sex and violence. Still love the way Iain Banks writies.

In person, Banks shows no trace of this other self. This is a highly-strung comedy about love, fame, grief, showbusiness and the depths of the gutter press. Daniel Weir has gone from rags to riches and back, and managed to hold onto them both, though not much else.

We had to do it legally, so I paid him a pound. Our Authors See all Authors. So, what was that about a future? Perhaps the whole tale is really a send-up of the excesses of the big bands of the ’70’s, a wry look at what fame does to people and how manipulated by record companies they were and probably still are to an extent.

In the Name of the Family by Sarah Dunant.

Espedair Street is no exception, but it is more of a straightforward well We meet him contemplating suicide, and come to understand why he wanted to, and why he decides to live. Yet the wheels of politics are grinding in the background. Quotes from Espedair Street.