By Eric Marienthal. Saxophone Book. A complete book of jazz technique studies and exercises for all instrumentalists. This text deals with many technique. Comprehensive Jazz Studies & Exercises: For All Instruments: : Eric Marienthal: Books. Comprehensive Jazz Studies & Exercises by Eric Marienthal, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Starting with an overview of each of the saxes soprano, alto, tenor, etc.

Comprehensive Jazz Studies & Exercises : For All Instruments

Eric Marienthal has taken his eri knowledge of playing saxophone and poured it into a comprehensive video library that includes hundreds of lessons in a wide variety of styles. Subscribers get unlimited access to all online jazz saxophone lessons, supplemented by backing tracks and other study materials. Plus there’s special guests, exclusive interviews, and a community of sax enthusiasts from all over the world. Eric reviews each submission and records a video response where he offers tips and techniques to practice.

All students can access Eric’s Video Exchange library, which is always expanding and may contain the key to unlock your own playing. Books and CD’s and videos are unavailable for a short time through the store, but send me an email and I’ll get you one sent off in no time! Copyright Eric Marienthal Musc, Inc.


Any redistribution or reproduction of any materials herein is only by the written consent of Eric Marienthal Music, Inc. Music Instructional Books Instructional Videos. See Eric’s complete discography. The Music of Eric Marienthal.

This book offers a great way to learn improvisation patterns and scales as well as adding to your melodic, harmonic and rhythmic vocabulary. Along with the transcribed solos, this book also contains the following: Giving more than just chord scales, this book contains written solos as examples to base your own solos around.

Comprehensive Jazz Studies & Exercises for All Instruments – Eric Marienthal – Google Books

Each track on the enclosed CD has a short version to match xomprehensive length of the transcribed solo and a long version for you to solo over. In this way you can study Eric’s written solos and pick and chose the licks you prefer to build your own solo.

This approach takes the recorded play-along concept one step further. Comprehensive Jazz Studies and Exercises. The inspiration for writing this book was to create a series of technique building exercises as well as some useful melodic and harmonic studies and incorporate them into one format.


Setting up a daily practice routine is vital to becoming a more proficient player.

This book uses various scales and melodic motifs to explore ways of using different chord types. The idea is to study these scales and exercises is a ,arienthal that will be useful for improvisation while, at the same time, providing a practice routine that simply helps improve your technique.

Play Sax from Day One. Also available at the app store:: Here Eric offers technical exercises designed to build technique, methods for extending your range on the sax, a discussion of ear training and a detailed overview marinethal improvisation and jazz harmony. Through interaction with Eric, the student learns motifs or “licks” while playing over different styles and chord progressions.

The player can play the solos along with the audio track on the video. Also available at the app store