– Inheritance Cycle 4-book Trade Paperback Boxed Set [Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, Inheritance] . Eragon Mostenirea Vol 1 [Romanian Edition] (Paperback ). Barnes and Noble Collector’s Edition Eragon promo, preorder B&N Eragon. Preorder Barnes and Noble’s Exclusive Collector’s Edition of Eragon! Eragon ( Book One); Eldest (Book Two); Brisingr (Book Three); Inheritance (Book Four). Concurs Mostenirea (Ciclul Mostenirea vol. #4) de Christopher Paolini. Descriere editura: A început cu Eragon Şi se încheie cu Moştenirea.

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School Donation Program In Memory of I kept picturing Eragon fighting in style slo-mo! Even if they tried to make the sequel I dont know if they could. This book is a harder read not only is it a page book but also because it does get a little boring in the middle but as a fan of the series I like the book. View all 4 comments. The plot really thickened! Another full 5 stars and can’t wait to get my hands on the final installment, as well as see what other ventures Christopher Paolini has produced since.

I did not see it coming. But my favorite parts actually take place from Roran’s perspective. I am as addicted to eragon as most people are to twilight!

It is a deep bond that I share with Eragon. I don’t understand how anyone could hate this series! Eragon is a very popular book for teenagers.

Mostly bcz I read it on the go and in small bits and pieces. I started to get bored about halfway through, until Eragon was “changed” and Roran was in Teirm is where it got interesting. I agree with one review in this book “Will appeal to legions of readers who have been captivated by the Lord of the Rings trilogy.


Mythical Books: Concurs Mostenirea (Ciclul Mostenirea vol. #4) de Christopher Paolini

While I liked Eragon enough to give it five stars despite the weird feeling that it was a mediation between Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, it was kind of slim in several places, character- and plot-wise. Last summer I read Mosyenirea and finished it in the school year loving it all so gloriously and then this summer I read Eldest and finished it during the school year. I thought there were definitely some eagon parts that were a bit tougher to get through in the middle which is the reason I’m docking.

He was tortured and cut off from magic like you mentioned but I do not eragn them actually saying he was dying. I was burying myself in anything that could save me from what afflicted me at that point of edagon. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Name of book always made me think about its reference until last chapter.

He and Saphira are sent to the hidden lands of the elves, Ellesmera, to learn the secrets of the Dragon Riders. Cavalerii Dragonilor au aparut cu mii de ani in urma, pe vremea razboiului necrutator dintre elfi si dragoni.

Meanwhile, Rowan Eragon’s coursin is dealing with a horrible situation of his own. Allies have been called upon and some unexpected support has been found.


Something that has been captured well by Paolini. There are so many characters that come up so strongly in the book. The writing overall is pretty great and so is the storyline. I felt for Eragon as his attempts at romance are spurned, and watched carefully as his bond with Saphira deepened. I was surprised, but happy to find that this was not a quaint little fight, and that this world was real, one where the bad guys don’t play fair, and they go after the people Eragon most wants mostenirrea protect in order to get to him.


I wish people could have a person with mosfenirea they could connect with on the level of a Rider and his dragon. If you didn’t, you won’t find any difference in style here. View all 3 comments.

Not so in Eldest. Mkstenirea was very pleasantly surprised – Eldest laughs in the face of the so-called sophomore-slump curse. The second edition of Eragon was published by Knopf in August Nature influences much of Paolini’s writing.

Wonderful Series, Looking very forwward to getting the 4th book! They had won, but he had lost. Bright side of this book is it ends with leaving Eragon with his debts and promises to others for the next book.

Now you have to wait for the 3rd book just like the mostenirwa of us lol.

Finding out about ‘the cripple who is whole’ believe me it’s so cool. I think Viggo Mortenson would be good for the character Roan. Preview — Cartea primului nascut by Christopher Paolini.