King Gesar is a heroic epic created by the Tibetans from a collection of ancient legends, myths, verses, proverbs and various other folk cultures. This page is about the plots of King Gesar, a famous Tibetan epic, including birth of Gesar, how did Gesar become the King of Tibet and what. The first and only English translation of the centuries-old Tibetan spiritual allegory of King Gesar, a tale on a par with The Arabian Nights or the King Arthur .

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He has a half-brother, and two uncles: More about Your Travel Plan: Whether it is highland barley or butter, it is the Historical analysis to sift out an ancient kjng narrative winnows the archaic folkloric leitmotifs from features that show distinct and historically identifiable Buddhist influences.

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Geser defeats a black striped tiger. Retrieved 13 June Although there is no one definitive compilation, if completed it would fill some volumes, containing over 20 million words in more than one million verses.

Courtesans and tantric consorts: Originating via folk oral traditions, King Gesar was passed down from generation to generation orally in a combination of song and narration for over 1, years. There are a number of stories not connected with the foregoing nine branches described above for example, a story in which Gesar shames Gume-Khan of Chinaor one in which he exterminates the Four Recklings of Evildemonic beings whose nature is not quite clear.


Epic of King Gesar

The war between the Ling and Hor kingdoms constituted one of the central parts of the story. He wars against Abarga Sasen, a headed demon born from Atai Ulan’s right leg. His first major campaign gesra king epci against the man-eating demon of the north, Klu bTsan.

Its classic version is to be found in central Tibet. The Salar language is used to recite some portions of Gesar. He marries princess Alma Mergen, daughter of a water deity.

From Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia. Drinking sweet tea has been one of the favorite pastimes for local Tibetans. But his vanquishing of the dzongs or fortresses preserves an ambiguitysince these were potential outposts of the state.

Gesar sets out to conquer the 18 great forts Tib.: An historical kingdom of Lingtsang Tibetan: The Mongols were allied with the Byzantines, whose emperor still used the title. Stag-gzig and Khache Muslim adversaries. They believe the skill of performances depends on the inspiration of the gods, not on inheritance or study, and attribute the emergence of an artist with the reincarnation of a figure related to King Gesar.


In Osmaston, Henry; Denwood, Philip. Catherine has dedicated herself to Tibet inbound tourism and China tour for 15 years. The oral tradition of this epic is most prominent in the two remote areas associated with the pre-Buddhist ethnic religion known as Bon Ladakh and Zanskar in the far west of Tibet and Kham and Amdo in the eaststrongly suggesting that the story has native roots. Gesar and the Kingdom of Ling. Vladimirtsev, that the written Mongolian versions stem from one source which has not survived.

His miraculous or mundane birth. Philosophy and religion Religion Literature Mythology Credited.

Epic of King Gesar

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries a woodblock edition of the story kkng compiled by a scholar – Monk from Ling-tsang, a small kingdom north-east of sDe-dgewith inspiration from the prolific Tibetan philosopher Jamgon Ju Mipham Gyatso. The 18 fortresses rdzong chen bco brgyad. The precocious child grows rapidly and vanquishes a number of foes.