Decision at Thunder Rift has ratings and 42 reviews. Battletech is the exciting and innovative role-playing game of a future world that combines non-. BattleTech Legenden 01 – Gray Death 1: Entscheidung am Thunder Rift (German Edition) – Kindle edition by William H. Keith Jr., Reinhold H. Mai. Download it. Entscheidung am Thunder Rift. Battletech. Erster Roman der Gray Death- Trilogie . [William H. Keith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Aug 03, Bradley rated it it was amazing. Feb 23, Michael T Bradley rated it did not like it. The beginning of the Gray Death Entscheisung is one of the first novels to expand on the Battletech role playing game.

BattleTech Universe 1 – 10 of 95 books.

Entscheidung am Thunder Rift

Other a, in the series. Science Fiction and Anime fans, as well as fans of the Battletech computer and miniatures games. The characters are generic hero types, bent on revenge, not much really of interest going on with them. Rifh would also say, if someone at Catalyst Game Labs is listening, is that they need a good copy editor.

I never got to experience any of it, not even the tabletop game until much later. The novel itself stood up well to my recollection, but t This review is specific to the digital Kindle version. The first Battletech novel I’ve read and a great entry into the world. You won’t be sorry! Excelled on the action scenes Wm thought, but it lacked a little when it came to character depth and development.

The politics of the Battletech universe made sense and did not overwhelm me. The story is an exciting one, there’s some far future, giant robot swashbuckling going on and the imagery put me in mind of my younger days of playing battletech for long hours late into the night, piloting some of the very same mechs detailed in the book.


The story itself is rather cliche, but it provides a nice launch point for a new universe. It’s about Grayson Death Carlyle and his quest for vengeance against the people that killed his family.

The prose repeats itself a lot, describing thing over and over again using the same terms; it’s not winning any awards. As one of the first, it’s also one of the best jumping on points for new readers. First off, if you like me came to BattleTech looking for giant fighting robots then you’re going to be a happy camper!

Aug 04, Wilson Geiger rated it liked it. First off, if you like me came to BattleTech looking for giant fighting robots then you’re going to be Finished: The world, combat, and mechs did not disappoint. I devoured this book back inand I can only call it a bit painful to read today.

I’m a fan of Battletech and this scratched the itch I had so it gets three stars. Good fluff, average sci fi A good book if you a re fan of the Battletech universe. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Grayson Death Carlyle is thrown in at the deep end of managing people, mechs and supplies as Kurita forces land on Trellwan in a staged coup, and he finds himself cut off and alone on an enemy held planet.

Strap in, suspend disbelief, have fun!

One star but add 4 stars to that review if you are 12 htunder old me. Aug 09, Kevin rated it really liked it Recommends it for: OK, I gave up on this one as well.

Still, the combat is the true star of the book and left me wanting to read the rest of the Gray Death series. View all 4 comments. I had many of the original BT books in print from my high school days back before my arthritis got as bad as it is now and I switched to ebooks only.

Oct 10, David rated it really liked it. Grayson Death Carlyle is amm to be a Mechwarrior in his father’s regiment. Unfortunately the villains aren’t too fleshed out. Good lord was he right. The peripheral characters feel similarly irrelevant and two-dimensional, making it difficult to care about their fates, and all the setting exposit A Battlemech pilot’s father is killed not a spoiler, because the book practically begins with the eventand he must take revenge while engaging in neo-feudal power plays typical of the Battletech universe.


This review is specific to the digital Kindle version. Dec 04, Kyle rated it liked it. It’s Battletech Old School – and the Marauder is still the coolest looking mech around even if the cover picture doesn’t do it justice.

I would recom Decision at Thunder Rift takes place in the Battletech game universe, where soldiers fight wars in giant robots called Mechs. Good book, gun read First BattleTech book I ever read, and I enjoyed the story and character development. Ahora toca buscar las otras dos novelas para completar la historia. I loved the characters, the combat was interesting, and the politics weren’t overbearing, as I’ve seen in some of the later Battletech novels.

Grayson Carlyle is like many before him – a young man of destiny thrown into the teeth of danger.

Entscheidung am Thunder Rift – PDF Free Download

Tons of typos and formatting errors came across their conversion of print to digital, and it was obvious they didn’t check it very thoroughly, if at all. And that’s exactly what I got. We are only briefly introduced to the politics of the Successor States in this book, but I can sense that it will provide a very fertile atmosphere for more stories in the future.

Good, took a while to draw me in though. Otherwise, take the price point for what it means and take a pass–but do look elsewhere for thus wonderful title.