Products 1 – 7 of 7 Receipt sugar cookies, Grand masti collection report standard, practice form answer key, Bd bbl enterotube ii interpretation guide. Remarks: Glucose – Any degree of yellow is positive. Acid end products from glucose fermentation turn the pH indicator from red (alkaline) to yellow (acid). BD Micro, GUIDE ENTEROTUBE II INTERPRETATION GUIDE, Enterotube, Each. BD Micro, GUIDE ENTEROTUBE II INTERPRETATION GUIDE, Enterotube.

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Amyl or Isoamyl Alcohol 75 ml p-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde 5 g Hydrochloric acid, concentrated 25 ml Dissolve p-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde the reagent should entdrotube light yellow in color in alcohol and then slowly add the acid. Ferric chloride need not to be added since the medium already contains an iron salt. Organisms capable of utilizing citrate produce alkaline metabolites which change in the color of the indicator from green acidic to deep blue alkaline.

Do not flame wire. These chemical reactions make up the More information. Inoculate BBL Enterotube II by first twisting wire, then withdrawing wire through all twelve compartments applying a turning motion Figure 2.

Where two or more organisms are listed, the confirmatory tests required to further identify them are also given. Evaluation of Statens Serum Institut More information. When tryptophan is More information.

We proposed in the Basic Microbiology. What does it mean when More information.


The wax overlay in this compartment produces the degree of anaerobiosis necessary to allow only the true fermentation reaction characteristic of all Enterobacteriaceae. To get enterotuhe supply of. The enclosed inoculating wire allows inoculation of all compartments in one step from one or a few single colonies of an isolate. Three of these tubes will contain More information. Over all replicates, agreement in identification was It may also be necessary to perform this test if needed as a confirmatory test when using the database without VP.


Once we have obtained any growth, work flow in the Microbiology More information.

Identification of Gram negative bacteria should be made with the consideration of additional characteristics such as source of specimen, history of the patient, colonial and microscopic morphology, serology and antimicrobial susceptibility patterns. Identify descriptive features of the family Enterobacteriaceae.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE BBL Enterotube II. IA Rev.: Jan. 2007

Use isolates from appropriate media see Test Procedure. This is evidenced by definite and complete separation of the wax overlay from the enteroube of the glucose medium, but not by bubbles in the medium. Test preparation More information.

The media are contained in plates Petri dishes. Do not wait longer than intfrpretation min before reading the results! Lighter shades of the same basic color should also be considered positive.

Review Lab Report questions from previous week.

To perform the indole test: Biochemical identification of bacteria Dr. Media, incubation, and aseptic technique Objectives 1. Name Section Lab 5 Photosynthesis, Respiration and Fermentation Plants are photosynthetic, which means that they produce their own food from atmospheric CO 2 using light energy from the sun. Kovacs indole reagent Indole Dropper Reagent, 50 ampoules, cat. It is a powerful oxidant Gide information.

Davis Biochemical and serological characterization of hydrogen sulfide producing variants of Escherichia coli. Practice microbial collection techniques Describe colony morphology and the relationship to microbial identification. On completion of this module, participants will be able to: The tip of the inoculating wire is under the white cap.

To study chemical and physical properties of proteins from natural sources egg and milk and some chemical reactions of amino acid residues in these proteins, More information. Culture dnterotube are used for recognition and identification diagnosis of microorganisms. Taxa other than those listed in Table 3 are not intended for use in this interpreyation. Can grow with or without it. The general functions and activities of enzymes; The relationship between the structure and function of interptetation Lab: The discrepant biochemical test was resolved by use of a third method which gave a similar result as the BBL Enterotube II.


All reactions which should be positive may be of equal, greater or lesser intensity than the colors indicated in the Color Reaction Chart. Materials – Work in groups of 4 per table. For details, consult the references While a huge variety of genera and species has been described over the years, the organisms that are isolated from clinical specimens belong to 20 to 25 species that are well-known for many years.

Biochemical identification of bacteria. Hydrogen sulfide is produced by light amber bacteria capable of ihterpretation sulfur-containing compounds, such as peptones and sodium thiosulfate present in the medium. Acetylmethylcarbinol acetoin is an intermediate in the production of butylene glycol from glucose fermentation. The hydrogen sulfide reacts with the iron salts also present in the medium to guids a black precipitate of ferric sulfide usually along the line of inoculation.

This should be considered negative. Metabolism sum of all chemical processes More information. To determine the carbohydrate class of an unknown by carrying out a series of chemical reactions with the unknown and known compounds interpgetation each class More information.

Avoid touching agar with wire.

Finally, perform the indole and VP tests. Avoid freezing and overheating.