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My answer would be that there are many things, but I’ll try to sum it up as best I can. I felt sorry that not only did she have to put up with Charlene, she also had to act like her those days she was awake.

Some entanled you are probably thinking “Are you serious, where is all this?! It was hard to care about anyone other than Graylee and Raj as no one else’s story was developed beyond the superficial. Gray has sworn off dating warlocks, especially delinquents who play with fire. I really loved Raj in Entangled but he lost some appeal in Duplicity.

If it were just that, I’d say so and just say it didn’t live up to its potential which might’ve merited me rating this at a 1-star or 2-star level depending on how I thought about it. Apparently, in this particular magical system, all that is needed to turn oneself invisible is to visualize it and believe it will happen, and it will.

I think for the most part, it came across like the humor was too forced and awkward for the setting. If you like young adult books—heck, even if you don’t—you should totally check this book out. There was this great divide between the events of entahgled novel, and the response of the characters.


Entangled (Spellbound , book 1) by Nikki Jefford

Sep 17, kimberlee entangld it liked it. As a reader over 20 who enjoys an occasional YA read I found this book to be good with the potential to be great.

Oh, its too bad, I really liked this book and the sequel! Duplicity is the second book in the Spellbound Trilogy by Nikki Jefford. At the end of “Entanglement,” Charlene and a friend expelled her twin’s soul from the body they shared–her body–then Charlene was free to head off to school in France.

I liked all the characters in this book, something that rarely happens. Click here for my review. I wanted her to take gray seriously and treat her like a person. All opinions are my own. She is strong-minded and courageous. Review will contain spoilers for book one.

Entangled (Spellbound #1)

I hope that’s the case here. She has looked like a fool time and again at the Gathering training sessions and cannot understand why.

When a person is not free to love with their soul, that is not love and that is why a love spell can never truly work. In the “real world”, however, it’s been 10 months and both Raj and Mrs. When it really comes down to it, Raj is the guy you can count on when you’re in trouble or when you need a friend.

He is the only jeffrod why I continued it.

Entangled (Spellbound, #1) by Nikki Jefford

Maybe that is a story for the third book? But we do not get to understand her or her reasoning behind some actions. Graylee Perez is a witch, and two months after her death she wakes up in her twin sisters body. Gray is jerford spunky character, nothing like Charlene.


If Graylee Perez thought sharing a niiki with her twin sister was bad, dealing with a duplicate of herself is two times worse.

Then we have Gray she is more out going some where along the lines of a free spirit and the total opposite of Charlene. She threatens to kill herself when her boyfriend dumps her, threatens to kill his new girlfriend when she finds out about her, then thinks up the nkiki plan of sleeping around in order to get him back.

While I felt that the premise was a bit weaker than its predecessor, the story within Duplicity was entertaining and kept me wanting more, more, more! The cover, once again, was great. They’re teen witches and warlocks so of course school skipping is a menial thing. So often, the middle book in a trilogy is by far the weakest. Ya think Charlene had anything to do with that? And while it was not bad I feel as though with 50 or 60 more pages it could have been exceptional.