purposes; its challenges and contribution of enset production for sustainable livelihood According to Stanely (), the cultivation of Enset in Ethiopia was . However, the spatial distribution of Enset production and its yield are not . Enset plant yield and assessing kocho production in Ethiopia. Annual national food production in Ethiopia for the years Table 3. Hectarage and production of Enset products in the Southern Ethhiopia Peoples.

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Another disease can strike enset even though it has been more observed on Banana plants Musacea. Various enset varieties and enset processing. Comparative studies with starches of potato, sago and corn,” Journal of Applied Glycoscience, vol. For cleaning rags, brushes, baby cushions, pot stands, as wrappers for butter, kocho, and other items to transport to local market [ 3 ]. Ensete ventricosumby Walter Hood Fitch The corm of Ariko is boiled and fed when a person catches flu.

The corm is the highest in fiber composition. The existence of several different enset varieties is ascribed to the use of enset and its products for diverse purposes [ 20 ].

Bulla is known to be the best quality product from the pseudostem part. Todorov, Cereals, pulses and oil seeds, F. Individual plant yields vary from Enset will ethopia drought better than most cereal crops.

In order to precisely evaluate the nutrient qualities of the botanical parts of enset, the samples ought to have been taken from the same plant.

Depending on the climate and agro-ecology, the main food crops and diet vary from region to region in the country. The fruits are inedible insipid i, flavorless [5] and have un, black, rounded seeds. Musa fecunda Stapf Musa holstii K. Proximate and mineral comparisons of enset with potato and teff on DM basis. Simmonds, The evolution of the bananas. Enset garden is sometimes an indicator of the economic status of farmers; many varieties more mature and large number of enset plants are found in the gardens of wealthier households [ 24 ].


Most of the proximate composition of enset is lower than both potato and teff except the carbohydrate content of bulla Gena is much higher than both crops and the total energy content is equivalent to teff. The pseudostem yields very strong fibers, even the unprocessed leaf sheaths is used for tying livestock, bundling harvests from fields, and fencing. In addition, children eat its uncooked stem to keep healthy and gain weight. The authors confirm that the manuscript is an honest, accurate, and transparent account of the study was reported; that no vital features of the study have been omitted; and that any discrepancies from the study as planned have been explained.

Enset varieties are categorized to pfoduction main groups namely the kocho or psuedostem types and the corm types. They suggested the better possible use of enset starch as a binder for compressed tablets because of its better binding stability than that of potato starch. It provides good fiber, a by-product obtained from decorticating the leaf sheaths and the dried fibers are strong enough to make high quality ropes. Enset is a perennial root crop indigenous to Ethiopia cultivated dominantly in the south and southwestern highlands.

Ensete ventricosum – Wikipedia

Therefore, two best enset varieties supposed to be the representatives of the kocho type Gena and corm type Neqaqa were considered for their nutritional composition study. In rural areas the fiber is used to make sacks, bags, ropes, cordage, mats, construction materials, and sieves.


Crop variety register issueNo. Taboje, “Morphological characterization of enset Ensete Ventricosum Welw. Cheesman Ensete schweinfurthii K.

Hence, one person can get 2, kcal from bulla and 2, kcal from corm of roughly g. Totally it takes years for an enset to mature and get ready to be processed [ 3 ]. Mixed kocho and bulla ensst be kneaded into dough, then flattened and baked over a fire.

Marcel Dekker Inc, Gashe, “Kocho fermentation,” Journal of Applied Bacteriology, vol. More than one sixth of Ethiopian population nearly 15 million people depends on enset [ 4 ].

Potato is the common root crop and teff is the dominant cereal crop and daily food source for Ethiopians. One hundred grams of washi normally contains only 0. Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection. Enset Ensete ventricosum belongs to order Schistaminae and family Musaceae.

As a result, this increases water availability and discharge to springs and decreasing the effective dry season length [ 3 tehiopia. Richer farmers can generally afford to maintain a higher level of farm biodiversity because they have more resources such as land, labour and livestock. American Geographical Society, Map of Ethiopia showing the major enset growing geographical areas of the southwestern part. Other pests include nematodesspider mitesaphidsmole ratsporcupines and wild pigs.

Crop rotation can counteract high nematode infestations.

1. Introduction

The social aspects, agronomic, and pertinent issues related to enset were studied. Unless the nutritional conditions are improved, basing solely on enset leads to protein deficiencies that entails poor growth and weakened immune systems. Enset Ensete Ventricosum Production in Ethiopia: