Author: Barry B. Longyear Author Record # ; Legal Name: Longyear, Barry El último de los Winnebago / Enemigo mío [Spanish] () with Connie Willis. Title: Enemigo mío Title Record # Author: Barry B. Longyear Date: Variant Title of: Enemy Mine (by Barry B. Longyear) [may list more. Author: Barry B. Longyear Author Record # ; Legal Name: Longyear, Barry . El último de los Winnebago / Enemigo mío [Spanish] () with Connie Willis.

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The film finished shooting seven months after its delay. Enemy Mine 3 books.

Картинки: Enemigo mío barry b. longyear

Fnemigo always been charmed by the idea of being stranded on anything – an island, a planet, a mountain In the days of VHS, I got a copy and watched it over and over again until the tape was stretched and there were lines of colourful static running through parts of it. When the Drac reproduces asexually and then soon dies, Davidge is left to care for its offspring and raise it into the Drac culture, which he has come to respect and appreciate in a way no other human has.

I’m not sure if there’s much difference between them, but I LOVE this book, and would recommend it to anyone, fan or not of science fiction I was really expecting it to be more space-battle-y from the title, but was pleasantly surprised.

Maravillosa historia, nada menos que eso se puede decir de esta novela corta.


He returns to warn Jeriba, nicknamed “Jerry”only to discover that Jeriba is pregnant; Dracs are hermaphroditic and reproduce asexually. This book is wonderful. Other books in the series. For those who like this genre? Unable to get help in rescuing Zammis, Davidge steals a spaceship to find the bagry by himself. We should teach this in schools.

Jun 12, Sandi Layne rated it really liked it Shelves: I wanted to read b.lognyear because I remember loving the movie. Feb 20, Selena Beckman-Harned rated it really liked it.

I read it over my lunch hour. Enemy Mine by Barry Longyear 35 49 Sep 16, David Gerrold Goodreads Author. Davidge enters the facility and fights with one miner after another as he searches for Zammis. Nov 03, Lee rated it liked it Shelves: I love the film, so it was great to read what prompted it.

Sep 11, Mckinley rated it liked it Shelves: It makes me acutely aware of how badly English needs a standard third-person non-gendered pronoun, because after finishing this book, you won’t want to call Jeribah Shigan an “it”. I happened to have watched the movie first, but I loved the book. I didn’t remember the whole thing, though, and so this reading was delightfully surprising.

Barry B. Longyear

Jan 10, Jack rated it it was amazing. It’s really smooth and fast, yet never forgets to have intriguing details and amazing characters.

I think you’ll see elements of it in the work I’m currently doing. The short book is so much more than that. One thing that bothered me a bit has been seeing Zammis a bit bary in the background in the end, I would have loved to have seen him more developted.


Want to Read saving…. He finds evidence of humans, but learns that the planet has only been periodically visited by human miners known as “Scavengers”, who use Dracs as slave labor. Mar 25, Sable rated it it was amazing. Enemy Mine by Barry Longyear.

Enemigo mío barry b. longyear — Поиск по картинкам — [RED]

View all 3 comments. He has just completed the first novel in his Redcliff Series, Turning The Grainwhich is being serialized in Analog Science Fiction magazine, and is currently researching his new Civil War mystery-thriller.

The story is well written and there’s more than in the movie. Jul 08, Homo rated it it was amazing. As he promised Jerry, Davidge recounts the complete Jeriba ancestry before the Holy Council in b.kongyear traditional ritual as he was taught.

Whether friendship born of loneliness can trump learned hatred is a question at the heart of this wise, exciting and often very funny science fiction story.