Down To Earth takes a look at one of the worst and longest-running pesticide poisoning episodes in India and how it culminated with the Supreme Court. The numbers of people affected by nearly 20 years of aerial spray of Endosulfan, an organochlorine pesticide, in the cashew plantations in Kasaragod, the. Our mission is to get rid of the deadly chemical Endosulfan from India. Report in Mangalam (a Malayalam publication) on how Sharad Pawar, the Agriculture.

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We only want an end to this tragedy.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Aroundthe agriculture department began planting cashew trees on the hills around Padre. To begin with, it was a pesticide called endrin.


Archived from the original PDF on October 4, The border check posts are manned by the police, excise officers and commercial tax personnel. The second study also recommended a stop of aerial spraying. This report documented the health issues in the area. Malatalam Congress was bent on helping the pesticide lobby without any regard for the consequences faced by poor people.

Endosulfan – Wikipedia

Numerous in vitro studies have documented its potential to disrupt hormones and animal studies have demonstrated its reproductive endosylfan developmental toxicity, especially among males.

Inthe Central Insecticides Board appointed an expert committee under the chairmanship of Dr. Even those who commit suicide by drinking Endosulfan will have only ppm of the pesticide in them.


Pesticides in New Zealand. Sreekumar alleges that no tests were conducted by doctors in medical camps to confirm whether the diseases were actually caused due to Endosulfan:.

This shocking piece of news was taken up by many others who followed it up with proof from a number of studies that were conducted in the region. Most o f them have been putting it down to a supernatural curse.


Chlorantraniliprole Cyantraniliprole Flubendiamide Ryanodine Ryanodol. A large number of people of all ages in the village had been, for years, suffering from horrendous diseases. Malaayalam toxicity of endosulfan and health issues due to its bioaccumulation came under media attention when health issues precipitated in the Kasargod District of Kerala were publicised.

When the Down To Earth team checked endosulfan availability in one of the agrochemical shops across the border near the Meenakshipuram check post, the shop owner removed two large containers labelled Endocin an endosulfan brand from the counter and stood in the way, barring entry.

They suppressed facts by sponsoring fraudulent reports and manipulating committees. CEA said that the study was unfounded and unscientific. The committee was chaired by Dr A Achyuthan. It also added that there was a close similarity between the spectrum of health effects observed in the study population and those described in animal experiments.

Endosulfan Industry’s Dirty War – A Chronology of events

If you have anything to say about this website or our campaign, please send us a mail through this form. Most of these parks are far from areas where endosulfan is used.


He also dismissed a endodulfan prepared by the Kozhikode Medical College in that show increased Endosulfan levels. Cases of cerebral palsy, mental disorders, epilepsy, hydrocephalus, syndromes etc are lower or equal to the national average, he claims:.

In an interview with the television channel Star NewsJohn had earlier said: One case that has really caught the attention of the media is that of Kittanna, who has cerebral palsy.

News in Mathrubhumi Malayalam.

In fact, I have already made representation to the Prime Minister and concerned Union Ministers of health and environment demanding immediate withdrawal of the report,” as reported by The Economic Times and Outlook India [72] [73].

Many children were found suffering from birth deformities, cancer, cerebral palsy, mental disorders, skin diseases, vision loss; many women were found infertile. If their problems are due to endosulfan then the issue of compensation is bound to come up.

The squad, headed by an assistant director of the agriculture department, has met with little success.

Subscribe to Weekly Newsletter:. See April 1st July 15th Endosulfan has been banned across 74 countries in all the continents after elaborate studies.