16 Cfr. JUAN PABLO II, Carta apóstolica «Dies Domini» (31 de mayo de ) 19 JUAN PABLO II, Carta encíclica «Dives in Misericordia» (30 de. Dies Domini Apostolic letter on keeping the lord’s day holy, 31 May by Giovanni Paolo II, , Lettera enciclica sull’impegno ecumenico. To the youth of the world, Mother of the Redeemer, Dies Domini. Cover of: Dies Domini .. Cover of: Para leer la encíclica en clave de sur.

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There is a need for special pastoral attention to the many situations where there is a risk that the popular and cultural traditions of a region may intrude upon the celebration of Sundays and other liturgical feast-days, mingling the spirit of genuine Christian faith with elements which are foreign to it and may distort it.

When the divine commandment declares: To share in “the Lord’s Supper” is to anticipate the eschatological feast of the “marriage of the Lamb” Rev Encyclical Letter Rerum Novarum 15 May With this anthropomorphic image of God’s “work”, the Bible not only gives us a glimpse of the mysterious relationship between the Creator and the created world, but also casts encicllica upon the task of human beings in relation to the cosmos.

Dies Domini Apostolic letter on keeping the lord’s day holy, 31 May 1998

Apologia I67, Therefore, if God “sanctifies” the seventh day with a special blessing and makes it “his day” par excellencethis must be understood within the deep dynamic of the dialogue of the Covenant, indeed the dialogue of “marriage”.

But at the same time I wish to turn to all of you, Christ’s faithful, as though I were spiritually present in all the communities in which you gather with your Pastors each Sunday to celebrate the Eucharist and “the Lord’s Day”. Its Meaning for Modern Man 22nd ed. Therefore, the dies Domini is also the dies Ecclesiae.

Doubt no longer, but believe” Jn Significantly, the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that “the Sunday celebration of the Lord’s Day and his Eucharist is at the heart of the Church’s life”.


Since the second century, the annual celebration of Easter by Christians — having been added to the weekly Easter celebration — allowed a more ample meditation on the mystery of Christ crucified and risen.

This doctrine, based upon that unwritten law which man, in the light of reason, finds in his own heart cf. But it emerges particularly at Sunday Mass because of its special link with the commemoration of the Resurrection. If Christian individuals and families are not regularly drawing new life from the reading of the sacred text eomini a spirit of prayer and docility to the Church’s interpretation, 67 then it is difficult for the liturgical proclamation of the word of God alone to produce the fruit we might expect.

In the Dise plan, there is both a distinction and a close link between the order of creation and the order of salvation. If Sunday is a day of joy, Christians should declare by their actual behaviour that we cannot be happy “on our own”. It was for this reason that, from Apostolic times, “the first day after the Sabbath”, the first day of the week, began to shape the rhythm of life for Christ’s disciples cf.

Evangelium vitae – Wikipedia

The lives of the faithful, ennciclica praise, sufferings, prayer and work, are united with those of Christ and with his total offering, and so doimni a new value”. The custom of the “weekend” has become more widespread, a weekly period of respite, spent perhaps far from home and often involving participation in cultural, political or sporting activities which are usually held on free days. In the Christian view, joy is much more enduring and consoling; as the saints attest, it can hold firm even in the dark night of suffering.

I see this Letter as continuing the lively exchange which I am always happy to have with the faithful, as I reflect with you on eniclica meaning of Sunday and underline the reasons for living Sunday as truly “the Lord’s Day”, also in the changing circumstances of our own times. Soon, dues, the two days began to be distinguished ever more clearly, in reaction chiefly to the insistence of those Christians whose origins in Judaism made them inclined to maintain the obligation of the old Law.


Pope John Paul II | Open Library

It is also true that both in mission encicliac and in countries evangelized long ago the lack of priests is such that the celebration of the Sunday Eucharist cannot always be guaranteed in every community. It is clear that this process directly concerns not inanimate objects and animals but human beings, who have been endowed with the incomparable gift and risk of freedom.

There is encicliac a rediscovery of ancient religious practices, such as pilgrimages; and often the faithful take advantage of Sunday rest to visit a Shrine where, with the whole family perhaps, they can spend time in a more intense experience of faith.

This is why Christians, called as they are to proclaim the liberation won by the blood of Christ, felt that they had the authority to transfer the meaning of the Sabbath to the day of the Resurrection.

Mater et magistra Pacem in terris. AAS 75 And constantly renewed by the weekly commemoration of Easter, may Christ’s disciples be ever more credible in proclaiming the Gospel of salvation and ever more effective in building the civilization of love.

Adopting an image dear to the Prophets, one could say that in both cases God reveals himself as the bridegroom before the bride cf. From this perspective, the situation appears somewhat mixed. It is a call to awaken remembrance of the grand and fundamental work of God encilcica is creation, a remembrance which must inspire the entire religious life of man and then fill the day on which man is called to rest.

You shall remember that you were a servant in the land dmini Egypt, and the Lord your God brought you out from there with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm.