Enchondromatosis is a rare heterogeneous skeletal disease characterized by multiple enchondromas, and it includes several different subtypes of which Ollier . Enchondromas are common benign cartilage tumors of bone. They can occur as solitary lesions or as multiple lesions in enchondromatosis. Enchondromatosis, also known as Ollier disease (see Terminology section), is a non-hereditary, sporadic, skeletal disorder characterised by multiple.

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The tubular bones of the hand appear globular due to expansion. Cortical erosion, pathological fracture and extension of the tumor into soft tissues can be considered as a sign of malignancy.

A large proportion The characteristic x-ray finding include multiple, radiolucent, homogenous oval or elongated lesions with a well defined slightly thickened bony margin [ 3 ]. Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology.

Enchondromatomosis with severe platyspondyly in two brothers. Generalized enchondromatosis in a boy with only platyspondyly in the father. Radiology revealed several abnormalities. The prognosis for olliers disease is difficult to assess. Find articles by Soumya Cicilet. Prevention Diagnosis Living with Osteoporosis.

Looking For More References? Ollier disease can be considered a synonym for enchondromatosis. Calcium content of common foods What is Osteoporosis? Clinical behaviour is determined by size, number, location and evolution of enchondromas, age of onset and of diagnosis.


In distinction from solitary lesions, enchondromas of enchondromatosis are more likely to be hypercellular in nature, yet are still considered benign in the absence of other aggressive findings Despite the recent advances in the molecular diagnosis of congenital abnormalities the final decision for genetic evaluation still relies on clinical and radiological criteria [ 5 ].

Multiple enchondromatosis (Ollier disease)

Overlying skin was normal. Maffucci Syndrome is another form of the disease, characterized by the association of the multiple enchondromas with soft tissue hemagioma. Ollier-related changes in both hips, pubic bone, left and right iliac bones, and a narrow pelvic canal were seen in the patient’s pelvic X-ray, taken six weeks later.

However, the recurrence rate tends to be high after cutterage.

At 38 weeks, she presented in labor and vaginal examination revealed high presenting part with bulging membranes. If the entire body is involved, one half is more affected.


Due to its rarity multi;le focusing on olliers disease is limited. Classification of the Enchondromatoses In their classification of the enchondromatoses, Spranger et al. No evidence of vascular proliferation or necrosis could be detected.

Clinical problems caused by enchondromas include skeletal deformity and the potential for malignant change to osteosarcoma Schwartz et al.

Multiple Enchondromatosis: Olliers Disease- A Case Report

Enchondromas normally show a uniform pattern of mineralization. The authors thus suggested that the mutations occurred during development, resulting in genetic mosaicism in these individuals. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. About Blog Go ad-free. Conclusion Enchondromas are common intraosseous tumours which are usually benign and develop in close proximity to growth plate cartilage.


Am J Med Genet A. Edit History Tasneem Obeid: Halal and Azouz added 3 tentative categories to the 6 in the classification of Spranger et al. PTHR1 protein expression was studied using immunohistochemistry, revealing normal expression. muptiple

Multiple Enchondromatosis: Olliers Disease- A Case Report

Loading Stack – 0 images remaining. Enchondromatosis with features of dysspondyloenchondromatosis and Maffucci syndrome.

Case 1 Case 1. Eight tumor samples had subthreshold peaks at the position in IDH1 expected to encode mutations resulting in RC or RH substitutions and mutations were confirmed in 7 of these tumors by the hydrolysis probe assay. The prevalence of this disease is 1 inThe extent of disease is highly variable and thus so is the degree of impairment. The diagnosis of Maffucci’s syndrome was established.