EMC Clariion – Possible Questions for Interview – Download as Word Doc .doc /. docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. (apologies in advance if anyone feels this is posted in the wrong forum). I’m applying for a server analyst job with an organisation that has a. SAN Interview questions (EMC Storage – Clariion, DMX and VMAX) What is Power path? Power path CLI to manage disks List Power path policy What is Vault.

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Provides the ability run scripts concurrently instead of serially.

Allows the movement of data between storage tiers. Please provide answers also all the questions seems really interesting and every one expects answers Up to GB global memory. Open a browser window from any server in the network.

Interview Questions

Reduce the amount of allocated but unused physical storage. The steps for creating a masking view are: Maintaining copies of read and write data. Cache memory on an SP performs two tasks: The wide striping provided by Virtual Provisioning will spread clzriion devices evenly across the data devices.


What Are Features Of V-max? Emc Vmax Practice Tests.

EMC Clariion (SAN) Interview Questions

The managefiles command will transfer the data file to the Navisphere CLI clariipn where the command was invoked. Monitors for user-configurable events. Enhanced Virtual LUN technology: Why Access Logix has to be enabled What are Vault drives and how much capacity they use?

As intervifw as data devices can be member of a thin pool, however the limit to the number of thin and data devices that can be configured within a Symmetrix system is 64, Thanks Lakshman and Ramesh: How do you monitor Clariion alerts?

How do you create a user and assign access rights? Provisioning and resource allocation. The Access Logix software manages this database.

For more details please feel free to visit our site www. All Clariions have Vault Drives. We can check the status from migration tab in the LUN properties page.

Access Logix provides LUN masking that allows sharing of storage system. How do create capacity planning reports in Clariion?

Only Fibre and Gig-E ports on front end directors allowed. What are Vault drives and how much capacity they use? What are the significant features of Clariion Event Monitor?


Top 10 facts why you need a cover letter? If it is showing under connectivity status and registered status showing “NO” then you need to install Agent or else you need to register it manually. Improves capacity utilization by allowing the allocation of more storage to than is physically consumed by a host at onset, and is allocated, as needed, from a shared pool.

It is recommended that data devices in a pool all reside on drives that have the same rotational speed. Up to four concurrent configuration change sessions are allowed to run at the same time, when they are non-conflicting.

Storage Techs: Clariion Interview Questions

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How do you create a user and assign access rights? Anonymous April 23, at 8: