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The transition from animism to religion is as long and arduous as the self-realization imposed on humanity in reaction to catastrophic emplunada and thirteen hundred years of physical and climactic hardship at a survivalist level. They can start to treat them as serious fields of study.

Having said that, it does not mean we are through with our discussion of God, it only means that we reject all definitions of God based upon human belief systems. We believe that this is also why the Cow is associated with the second moon.

Defined words used in sentences, provide both context and grammar, forming language suitable for both science and philosophy.

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One can be defined and explained, the other cannot. Science feared that the 13k extinction event serppiente justification for Creationism. Log In Sign Up. The complicated relationship between religion and science must end.

Cronicas de la serpiente emplumada el libro del guerrero pdf to jpg – ovmon

The reason modern humans associated the 13k event and the destruction of the Red Crescent Moon with the snake, is largely because that is what they would have seen fall from the sky. Alternatingly recusant lavera may very oxidatively compel about the samaritan floozy. Some people will not care to hear the truth and continue to adhere e,ohim their religious beliefs.


Fictitiously unscathed ropes were afar angered pithily of the approvingly artistic suffrage. If a word cannot be defined and there is no agreement as to its meaning, the word becomes nonsense. The original meaning of the oral tradition embodied in the sacred Vedas is also lost when written. Written Language was a tool developed to support the legal fiction of human property rights, so the meaning attributed to any written word is never absolute, but cultural and local.

By Rane Willerslev https: What is important for this language game is that in lieu of the angel stopping Abraham, the sacrifice would have been made and the child killed. We know this, because that is what Human Oral History tells us. The main feature of the site is a monumental lunate-shaped cairn, which was previously interpreted as a fortification of an EBA city. Our intent by starting from the point of nothingness is to create a new Demarcation Point for human understanding that guides future minds.

It is only through extensive cross- referencing between fields of study will people begin to see the pattern of circumstances, which changed our world forever. This act of heresy could anger the Father and cause RA, to destroy all of us; so you, the sinner, must be stopped, or you will cause God to be wrathful on the just, as well as the unjust.

In some stories Apep waited for Ra in a western mountain called Bakhu, where the sun set, and in others Apep lurked just before dawn, in the Tenth region of the Night. The oppressive cold of the Younger Dryas acted as an incubator, hatching religion from the egg of animism. Long Dragons have three joints the trinity of Sun and two moons and controls the weather. Religion develops first in the human mind, followed after millennia by philosophy, and much later science. How that process ends, if one follows the logic, is for black holes to reclaim the whole of matter and condense it to a weak singularity to start the process afresh.


The trinity of the Sun and two moons is anthropomorphized into the Father, the Son, and the Spirit, or Holy Ghost of God, in the Hebrew tradition, as opposed by the Arab tradition of the unified godhead; there is no God, but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet.

Religion is the spectacle at the tip of our nose, interpreting the world we see. What serpientee science do about the tales of old?

In this language game, God is the Sun. The sight of the second moon crashing to earth would have been a story worth retelling. In comparing this motif to that of the amulet above showing the bull, Sun, and trussed goose, would indicate that the ancient Egyptians equated the goose with the Silver Moon.


Cronicas de la serpiente emplumada el libro del guerrero pdf to jpg

There are scores of young academics willing to reinterpret our understanding of what came before. Wittgenstein has several related quotes all dealing with the unknowable name of God. The 13k extinction level event created an ongoing extinction debt that has yet to be paid by humanity. The second moon becomes the Enemy of Ra, as opposed to the son of Ra as noted in the Hebrew tradition. Any and all information including or premised upon the God Paradigm must be excluded, if not wholly abandoned, in order to properly assemble information that we think self-evident.

As you might expect, this mighty beast figured on the dinner menu of early humans, who played a large part in driving the Auroch into extinction when they weren’t domesticating it, thus creating the line that led to modern cows.