José Saramago narra el insólito viaje del elefante Salomón a través de la Europa del siglo XVI. Una aventura épica llena de humanidad, humor y sabiduría. El viaje del elefante (Spanish Edition) [José Saramago] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A mediados del siglo XVI el rey Juan III ofrece a. Buy El Viaje Del Elefante by Jose Saramago from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction.

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Quotes from El viaje del elef As I read about the passage of the archduke and his cortege in their passage through the snowy Alps I was filled with foreboding. Or, somewhat more tediously, scroll eo the list of 86 editions to find the right one. Maximillian arrogantly renames the elephant from Solomon to Suleiman and the mahout to an inappropriate “Fritz”. Yes, this is a book of historical fiction.

It’s not that I disliked it. View all 8 comments. The last we see of Subhro, he has reclaimed his name, is riding off on a mule, on a journey he never completes trailing a donkey who bears a wooden box containing all the possessions that mahout possesses. Saramago was both a Communist and a famous atheist. The longest I recorded before I stopped counting was 12 pages.

When Saramago’s narrative reaches the Brenner pass, he begins to discuss the difficulties of descriptive writing, then says: Is this a swipe at Sebald, who, according to some—Saramago may have been one—cheats by using photos?


The elephant’s journey from Lisbon to Vienna was witnessed and remarked saramafo by scholars, historians, and ordinary people.

His use of language is as always beautiful, and his sense of observation unique and intricate. We do not know what he [Solomon] is thinking, but, in the midst of these Alps, we can be sure of one thing, he is not a happy elephant. It’s a shame that photography had not yet been invented in the sixteeth century, because the hose would have been easy as pie, we would simply have included a few photos from the period, especially if taken from a helicopter and readers would then have every reason to consider themselves amply rewarded and to vixje the extraordinary informative nature of our enterprise.

El Viaje Del Elefante by José Saramago

I still look forward to working my way through the rest of his bibliography. He seemed to be as bored as me.

View all 3 comments. Then, given Saramago’s reputation, you feel tempted to start again. All suggestions, my Goodreads friends, are welcome. View all 7 comments. View all comments. That is what I think. I had the strangest feeling while reading The Elephant’s Journey – I felt like a child, being told a story by an old and indulgent grandparent.

Read this book to laugh, not to learn of an historical event. It is a novelist’s voice embellishing on historical fact: Maximillian arrogantly r This is the story of the book. Help me decide which of his novels to read next! He enquired about it and was informed about an elephant, back in the sixteenth century, who had journeyed across the continent and through joae peninsula and then passed on into legend.


View all 11 comments.

His works, some of which can be seen as allegories, commonly present subversive perspectives on historic events, emphasizing the human factor rather than the officially sanctioned story.

Those who like their tales straight and to the point should pass this one by, as it will be more frustrating than rewarding.

El Viaje Del Elefante

The skeptics are quite right when they say that the history eleffante humanity is one long succession of missed opportunities.

The voice is third-person historical and wonderfully relaxed and unrushed. A forma infantil mas pertinente como ele desmonta cada frase feita faz-me sempre sorrir.

A fine one to elefanre a year of reading on. Yes, there were still some moments where Saramago wowed in his particular way, but mostly it was pages about an elephant traveling from Portugal to Austria in the 16th century.

Our subhro enjoys his status, high above the army of saramaggo soldiers like a capital on the top of a column. Return to Book Page. Solomon is coerced to kneel by the doors of the basilica, which puts the fear of God into the populace, which also kneels.