Español: Monolito mexica, llamado Teocalli de la Guerra Sagrada por Alfonso Caso, y del que cree puede ser una representación a escala de un templo o el. Teocalli de la Guerra Sagrada, front 22 Tied 2 Acatl glyph on Teocalli de la Guerra Sagrada 23 Teocalli de la Guerra Sagrada, left side 24 Teocalli. Teocalli is Nahuatl for temple or sacred house. This stone model represents a staircase plinth with side rafters finished with dices, an element typical in.

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The jaguar pelt being worn by this figure is immediately ascribed to Tezcatlipoca, or Tepeyotl, another form of Tezcatlipoca. The Aztecs have been called by many names.

National Museum of Anthropology. What was the hairstyle of seasoned Aztec warriors? Views View Edit History. The feast for Xilonen.

Teocalli de la Guerra Sagrada by Tania Maria on Prezi

An image of Citlalicue? Is Tlaltecuhtli on this ring? Adobe Photoshop CS5 Windows. Two masses, a flat-roofed temple and a “truncated pyramid” complete with stairs up the front of the platform, compose the statue. Many partners or one? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. D, which would certainly have been occasion enough to warrant the construction of such an elaborate monument.


Teocalli de la guerra sagrada – unknown — Google Arts & Culture

What did Aztec religion share with wider Mesoamerican cultures? How much gold did the Spanish take from the Aztecs? How did lower caste people address the emperor? Could e get divorced?


The Codex Cospi was once thought to be Chinese! Steam is the beginning of all life. The Teocalli trocalli La Guerra Sagrada Monument of Sacred Warfare is a complex emblem of the imperial authority of the Aztecs which, by means of specific hieroglyphs and uncommonly elaborate sculptural reliefs, denotes the interactions between the religious and political elite of Tenochtitlan and the gods, and more importantly the roles of these figures in the larger context of maintaining the cosmological order of the universe.

The Aztec symbol for war.

The monument is decorated with strong symbolic images. Child-friendly sources on the Conquest. This article related to indigenous Mesoamerican culture is a stub.

This image takes up the entirety of the sagraxa side of the monument, indicating its importance. The carved eagle perched atop a cactus commemorates the arrival of the Mexica at Tenochtitlan through the providence of Huitzilopochtli, a chief deity in the Aztec pantheon.

Views Read Edit View history. Bracelet Visually similar work. Additionally, a speech glyph to the left of the figures head identifies the deity Umberger, The sculpture was first discovered in in the foundations of the National Palace of Mexicobut was not removed until the s. Personified knives dressed as Mexica gods. Why did Alvarado massacre the Aztecs? University of Texas Press. This page was last edited on 26 November sgarada, at An image of Tonantzin?


How did the Aztecs get their stones for building? What does this Nahuatl saying mean?

Flanking the sun-disc are two figures. The cactus bears human hearts in lieu of fruit, an image which is naturally evocative of the institution of human sacrifice and the overarching belief that the offering of human hearts sustained the sun.

Teocalli de la Guerra Sagrada

Retrieved 19 October A colloquial title for the monument which identifies it as the throne of Motecuhzoma II is largely inaccurate, as that title would suggest that it served in that capacity, whereas for all intents and purposes it was probably only used as a chair for the emperor during certain festivities.

I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby publish it under the following license:. How do we know Tenochtitlan had a zoo? Aztec women painted their faces a beautiful yellow. That concept was used to symbolize LIFE.