Revolutionary Card Technique: Here it is-the legendary Ed Marlo’s entire Revolutionary Card Technique series all together in one volume! With over pages. Find great deals for Revolutionary Card Technique by Ed Marlo. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Bill Malone calls it: “A definite must for anyone studying sleight of hand with cards .” He also says, “If I were stranded on the proverbial desert island and could.

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I would love to help you out. Does it live up to its recommendations? Apr 12, The Tabled Palm VI. Feel free to contact us. The booklets contained impressive new technique that are still now, fifty years later, some of the best, most advance technique available.

Revolutionary Card Technique by Ed Marlo

Apr 18, I really don’t like Marlo books. With over pages, more than illustrations and 14 chapters covering all aspects of advanced manipulation, this is the most complete single reference book on card magic available. As far as books go, this is some pretty easy reading also includes illustrations when necessary. Subscriptions Top Inventors 1. Additional links Vanishing Inc. I’ve just been reading around in it so far, and trying a few things.

The Real Way of Magic is to touch the soul of our audience, but not to touch the ego of our soul. It is not for the ‘dabbler’ or somebody that hates to practice. I’m glad I have this resource for my future needs.


Please feel free to email me with any questions regarding the revo,utionary. Are those exclusive techniques taught, and, are they very advanced?

Each chapter covers a different section of sleight-of-hand card technique with the exception of 3 chapters on false deals and 2 on estimation. I would have to say it is one of the best cardd I have ever made. I know Marlo’s stuff is pretty hot. What convinced me to buy this was the 3 chapters on false deals, one on side tecgnique, and one on multiple shifts as I was looking to learn those at the time.

It was a classic in its time and is still an essential volume for any serious card worker’s library. Any guidance would be appreciated ” Honestly, there is no way one can fairly compare the two books.

For those who want to know the secret only, don’t get it. Aldous Huxley – This book is huge. My technique still needs a lot of work, but I’m light years closer to a serviceable center deal tecgnique I ever have been.

Some of the stuff in this series is fairly easy, while much of it is quite difficult. Steve Friedberg Inner circle Posts.

The End by Rick. Can’t remember the other four. I’ll post the chapters tomorrow if no one else has yet. Miracle Card Changes II. This way you avoid expensive international shipping fees and taxes.

I’ve just ordered the book from Hocus Pocus and I was wondering if anybody could list the 11 booklets that make up the chapters in the new book? Customer Reviews showing 1 – of 3. I believe the most I saw was seven different variations for the same sleight. We hope you found the magic tricks you were looking for! Newly edited and illustrated for clarity and ease-of-use, the wealth of information contained can elevate your card work to new heights.


Most of the stuff is not easy, but most of it is really great. LOL, I was searching on the web. Long Version – The center deal has eluded me for over 20 years. Guinn My Lybrary Page. I have the older series that was not indexed at all.

Alex The Real Way of Magic is to touch the soul of our audience, but not to touch the ego of our soul. This is a book containing 15 ‘chapters’ that were originally sold separately.

This book is full of card sleight goodness. And I really enjoy it!! This is the go to source of gambler magic.

Revolutionary Card Technique – Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

No minimum to get free shipping on this item. Revolutionary Card Technique Find Out how to pay. I can’t believe the amount of stuff that is brand new to me!